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Ukrainian Brunette women and single girls

Statistics, as we know, can say everything. And if you believe its data, we must admit the complete and final victory that blondes have over dark and red haired girls. Thus, according to a survey conducted by our online dating sites, 68% of male clients consider blonde hair an essential feature of feminine beauty. But the same statistics, show that 32 percent prefer brunettes. What is good in Ukrainian brunette?
Ukrainian brunette, in the opinion of men, have a more solid and strong character, and at the same time they are bitchy. Also, the owners of dark hair are more passionate and liberated in a bed. Most people think brunette women are strong, confident and rock ladies that can take their place in the sun independently.

Ukrainian Brunettes are credited with passion, magnetism, fatalism and a powerful energy. Many women, who disguise themselves as brunettes, can see themselves growing a new side of their personality. Black hair color can be used when necessary to add maturity and seriousness of the image, for example, settling on a high-ranking position. Of course, the blonde can also do it, but if we recall the unflattering view of her, brunettes have more chances.
For Ukrainian blondes as lovers European men voted 60%. The numbers will change when after marriage. Here the leading position of wife from Ukraine are, brunettes, brown-haired, blonde, and in last place are red heads.

It seems that the most important confrontation of blondes and brunettes is to be themselves, and it is motto of the Ukrainian girls. Dull and featureless, probably would have looked the world if we were similar, like soldiers in formation. It is important to remember that Ukrainian brunettes, blondes, and redheads are women at first and they are beautiful in their own ways.

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