Ukrainian Women and girls : guide and tips

Every person on earth tries to find a soul mate with whom he would be happy. But sometimes, for various reasons, this task becomes very difficult. And no wonder that people are seeking help in this difficult matter. For many, the life-saving raft, in the stormy ocean of life and marriage, are the Internet dating sites.
Dating through the site begins with a letter. And it solves all the letters: will the relationship develop further or end, and not coming to a new level. Myths and truth about Ukrainian women
To get through most difficult period in building relations with the Ukrainian women on dating sites it is necessary that letters correspond to male certain criteria to be successful.
First, Ukrainian Women like initiative and strong men. And so the first impulse is to read between the lines during conversation to find these qualities.
In order to make an impression, a man must always keep the initiative in their hands, that is to write first and not wait for "the sea weather." Write a a new letter, even when you answer is delayed. That is, do not pass "the baton" communication to her, you should be moderately persistent. But we should not be obtrusive, 2-3 letters a week is enough to sustain the interest of, but not be annoying.

In letters to a man must set the tone of COMMUNICATION. Styles of writing letters should be polite, sensitive, gentle and open.
Do NOT "Let the MIST" around your persona, hide something about yourself. Excessive secrecy leads to mistrust. But at the same time, a man must not touch any of those topics that a woman might find unpleasant, such as, for example, discussion of a former girlfriend or a discussion of the shortcomings and challenges of life.
Men should always show interest in woman's personality, her inner WORLD. Ukrainian women by nature are more sensitive and emotional than men, so the role of inner experience can hardly be overestimated.
NOTE TO MEN woman feels ALWAYS the winner!
That should be the first question a man asks to a woman, when trying to get to know her better. But after the formal questions about what the woman is engaged in life than where he lives and is keen to go directly to the level of communication that happens between very close friends. If you pause on the formal question and answer session drags on, the woman may interpret this as lack of interest in her as a person and as a woman. And she may lose interest.