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Ukraine women VS american and european females

At first glance Americans do not look like silent inaccessible girls. Any girl will gladly tell you how to get to the desired destination, be happy to advise you where to go to a cafe or on a trip until she realizes she is being flirted with.
From the perspective of European, Americans are very masculine and independent. They almost never flirt, do not resort to their feminine charms and are not capricious. They practically do not show their feelings. There was very little guile, hypocrisy and the very mystery that fascinates a woman.

Generally, to meet an American in the street is very difficult and to get their interest is not something every Russian can master. Of course, theoretically, you can seduce every girl, but in America or Europe it will take at least several months of painstaking advances, so the novel of doing it while on a holiday or buisness trip will not work.

In contrast to the prudish American women, Ukrainian girls look like real flowers! They always know their own worth, keep themselves in shape, because it is very important for them to catch men giving them admiring glances. They love to flirt with men, to seduce, and in addition Ukrainian women are very emotional and will not be boring friends. And most importantly, it is always easier to understand and accept the person with the same mentality and way of life.

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Random letter from Ukraine lady:

I am the woman intelligent tender careful which wants to spend all remained days with the person the kind quick-witted. Every morning I want to thank God for happiness that I have my favourite and I love.
A am a very sensitive person, as well as well educated and creative.I am told and described as an elegant person outer and inner soul. I do love arts , paintings and "world culture". I worked overseas for many years More important I care for the others a lot , dislike vulgarity , dishonesty , "show-off" people , I like tenderness, romantism , and truth.I just want to share and give back what life gave me.. I will be then the lukiest women on earth....Search and read more
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