Rating the most popular clothing brands for men in Russia in 2015

By Admin | Fashion
10 March 2016

analyzing search queries, polls on our website, as well as surveys in different groups in social networks, we have compiled a ranking of brands that are popular among women in Russia.In 2015, this list has become quite large, and it includes the brands of different price segment and running in different directions.

The most popular brands of menswear in 2015


Nike - one of the most popular brands in Russia.This brand attracts the attention of every man, and probably no one young man, who does not know their logo and would have in her wardrobe thing with the coveted "tick."

most popular tracksuits and sneakers , as the sport in the modern world - it is a way of life.

Nike pleases its customers new things over half a century, so it can safely be considered one of the most popular brands in the Russian Federation.

most popular brands of women's clothing in 2015


brand, familiar to all in our country. Sports shoes, sportswear and sports clothing - this is something on which focuses this company.

also "Adidas" started to produce high quality men's clothing, which is designed for everyday wear.

Adidas constantly competes with Nike, so Russian men is clearly divided into two camps - Nike and Adidas fans.


This brand was established relatively recently in hot Spain.Under it creates clothes for people with an average income, with the motto - "Anyone can look stylish."

average price segment in retail stores allows you to buy as sports and everyday things , while in these stores you can always "stumble" on discounts and promotions.

River Island

Ayslend River - a brand of clothes and accessories that designers love to mix colors and work on contrasts.This brand creates a unique direction clothing , popular, both among men and among the fairer sex.

River Island allows a man to be different from others, saving money and their own time.


This Russian online store - one of the most popular brands in all of Russia.Almost all men and women are aware of this store, because it can be found in almost every city in the country.

stylish accessories, bags, clothing and shoes - in stores this network, you can find almost everything.Fashion casual wear - this is something on which specializes Sela, combining low price and high quality together.

Tommy Hilfiger

This brand was created for the young and successful.It is located average price sector , so things of this brand could buy anyone.Clothing of this brand are popular not only in Russia but also worldwide.

Tommy Hilfiger - clothing for those who know what they want from their lives, themselves and others.Tommy Hilfiger clothes can be bought in specialized shops men's clothing, as well as in retail stores Tommy Hilfiger.


This company has been creating stylish clothes for more than 90 years.Brand learn, thanks to the logo - crocodile printed or embroidered on all things absolutely Lacoste.

founder of the brand - the famous tennis player, so all things are polusportivny Lacoste style.The most notable thing of this brand - Polo Lacoste , are popular around the world.


For over 10 years this brand pleases customers with their trendy collections and quite affordable prices.The main advantage of the brand is that whatever thing you do not store bought, it will combined with any other thing Incity.

company cooperates with many other brands, so each collection Incity - this is something new and unusual, but very stylish and eye-catching.

Do the advantages of brand clothing?


Another Russian company, which is located on the trendy market for fifteen years.Clothing of this brand created for young men and women aged 35 years , who love life and know that clothing is not important only practical, but also style.

experiment with style, along with Savage's very simple, because the cost of things does not bite.Great demand outerwear brand - it has a very high quality.

Top secret

This Polish brand offers clothing, with the best international fashion trends. Menswear stands out for its elegance .The quality of the things you can wear them for several seasons in a row, and the colors of things are perfectly combined with each other.

main advantage - low price of connecting to the high quality and outstanding style.