What women in fashion in 2015 - fashion for women's appearance

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11 March 2016

Each year, the fashion for women's appearance is changing - it happened and will always happen.Changing fashion in clothes, shoes, color combinations, hairstyles and hair color ...

So, through what changes will have to pass the girl to be fashionable during the 2015?

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  • Trendy female image 2015
  • trendy hairstyles and haircuts
  • Hair color

Trendy female image 2015

Fashion clothing in 2015,certainly striking in its audacity, extravagance and freethinking.2015 - the year of the compound incompatible, but also the year unchanged classics.

So what style of clothing, and what color to choose?

  • Yellow

This color clothing must be present in the wardrobe of every woman - it can be as long beautiful summer dress and a regular neck handkerchief.It all depends on your courage and ability to combine pieces of clothing.

  • flared silhouette

In 2015, the fashion jeans and pants back "flared" and the A-shaped dresses.The emphasis on the hips - that is what is en

couraged in 2015.

  • Military

All kinds of fastener styles available, hiking backpacks, camouflage prints - that's exactly what will be popular in 2015.It is also possible to add military style stylish boots «Dr.Martins ».This image will not only attract the attention of men, but also to make them interested in your person.Military style will give your image a highlight.


  • Menthol (turquoise) color

For several seasons mint color is at its peak of popularity.Many girls are not limited by the accessories in this color, and pick themselves such wardrobe items, such as jackets, skirts and tunics made of fabric of this particular color.

  • Asymmetry

today increasingly popular dresses with asymmetrical brim.Short dresses with an elongated loop, skirts with sloping bottom, one-shoulder dresses.

  • Cutouts

Beautiful artistic notch clothes decorating modern girls - is one of the main trends in 2015.Stylish dress with cutouts on the back - the perfect choice for a date or a formal event.Also popular are cutouts on the skirts, and no matter it will be on the side or rear.

  • Freestyle

Do not think that you can only be fashionable wearing heels and a short dress - it's not.Just wear stylish sneakers, skinny jeans and monophonic svitshot.Well, all that to dilute the original backpack.

free style

  • Red

The most popular red color similar to the color of ripe strawberries.A jacket or a dress the same color, of course, should be in the wardrobe of every girl, because these items attract attention and add the image of freshness.

  • Prints

floral and animal.In 2015, they entered into the list of the most fashionable trends.Almost every girl in the locker room there are things with the data prints.But do not get round and other prints - for example, geometric patterns, or the usual band.Colors can be very diverse - Today there are no limits for self-expression.

trendy hairstyles and haircuts for women in fashion for 2015

In 2015, consolidated its position certain hairstyles and haircuts.Each girl chooses for himself a stylish image, but we will tell you what hairstyles and haircuts for women will be in vogue in 2015.

  • Kare

This hairstyle is different from the well-known hairstyle "Bob" that the penalty - a short hairstyle with a distinctive round shape.Kare may be both elongated strands, and a single fixed length.You can also experiment with the length and the presence of a hairstyle of bangs.This hairstyle is perfectly suitable for girls with elongated face shape.

  • Bob

We have already said that the main difference from the bob bob haircut - its shape.Features of this hairstyle is that hair get special trapezoid shape.Volume Bob will be particularly beautiful, if a girl has its own lush hair.


  • Bob with side parting

This is one of the most popular hairstyles.It fits all the girls have sharp cheekbones and sharp chin.This hairstyle with perfectly straight lines will give your image a highlight.

  • hair side

Chic lush hair combed to one side.It is not just about long hair, but also the short-haired.Also, comb-over may not be easy parting and parting in a "zigzag".Especially stylish this hairstyle looks combined with the effect of "wet hair".

  • romantic curls

Nothing more luxurious, probably not, than an elegant black dress in addition to the long beautiful locks, get down on her shoulders.The main requirement - healthy shiny hair.

  • Negligence

Yes, despite the fact that accuracy - is the foundation of fashion, became popular negligent beams, high ponytails with fleece on top, and even loose hair "a la naturel."

Hair color for fashionable appearance in 2015

  • natural beauty

Girls who used to frequent hair dye, can in 2015 safely forget about it and start to grow your natural color.If your hair is dyed with a natural color on a fairly large number of shades, we recommend first to paint the entire length of the shade to his home, and then to grow natural hair.

  • Blonde

One of the most popular colors in 2015 will be a shade of blonde - only natural shades.Also, blondes have to actively monitor the health of your face, as bright shades immediately release all the flaws on your face - from pimples and finishing with bags under his eyes.


  • Brown color

This noble tone will be popular for a long time, and at the main catwalks of the world is dominated by light brown hair color.Any haircut and absolutely any styling will look great with this hair color.

  • Brown shades

Chestnut, chocolate, coffee with milk color - all shades make us happy for a second year.With the hair color you will certainly attract attention - it is quite bright and causes only positive emotions.Warm coffee or bright colors to highlight your attractive facial features or dark eyes.But also we should not forget that the owners of blond hair when repainting will always have to darken the eyebrows and the hair regrowth tint.

Brown tints

  • Highlights and coloring

One of the trendiest kinds of staining always highlights and coloring.However, it is worth to mention the Californian highlights, are very popular among the girls - it creates the effect of sun-bleached locks.In the summer this would be an ideal option.

  • effect Ombre

Kept on the peak of popularity in recent years!The tips of the hair are painted in darker and lighter shades, smoothly flowing into the natural hair color.This painting looks stylish with long hair darker.