The father does not participate in the upbringing of the child - mom what to do?

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10 March 2016

The father evades child rearing In daily life, men tend to be fully occupied by material well-being of their families and raising children, alas, time is extremely small.Not uncommon case when Dad comes home from work after midnight, and the ability to fully communicate with the kids falls only on the weekend.But what if the Pope does not wish to participate in the education of children of?

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  • cause Solution husband on education
  • Activating involved father - 10 tricky moves
  • to deprive the father of parental rights?

cause Solution husband from parenting

reasons for non-participation of the father in the upbringing of children a lot.

The main ones are:

  • Dad works hard and tired so that forces children it already does not have enough.
  • Education dad was appropriate : his mother, too, was raising alone while her father "would bring money to the family."Such an echo from the past - a very common cause, although it is fair to note that many of the men, on the contrary, the lack of fatherl
    y love as a child trying to fill in adulthood.Like, "my baby everything will be different."
  • Pope believes that he already "doing too much for the family┬╗ .In general, wash diapers and child swing at night - women's work.A man must guide, direct, and nod approvingly at his wife's reports about the success of children.
  • Dad just do not give a child to engage in. this reason, alas, is also very popular.My mother is so worried that "this awkward parasite again will do no wrong," just does not give her husband the opportunity to become a good father.Frustrated by his father eventually throws attempted break "armor" wife ... and dismissive.Over time, the habit of watching from the transition to the normal state, and when the wife suddenly exclaimed angrily, "You really do not help me!", The man simply can not understand what it is accountable.
  • Dad waiting child grows up. How can you deal with this creature that has no kick the ball can not see any football together, or even to express their wishes.Here grows, then so ... uh!And fishing and hiking, and a car to drive.And yet ... And yet even it is not clear how to keep it in your hands, so as not to break.
  • pope himself still a child. Moreover, whatever - how old he is.Some are whimsical children until old age.Well, he is not ready to raise a child.Maybe in 5-10 years the Pope will look at their child is quite different eyes.

Activating involved father in the upbringing of the child - 8 tricky moves

Involve Dad in education should be crumbs even during pregnancy.Then, after the birth of the baby mom will not have to complain about his girlfriends on fatigue, and snarl at the wife of his non-participation in the life of a child.

How to attract the Pope for this important process?

  1. Strongly recommended to remove the pope from his duties immediately after the hospital .Yes, the baby is still too small and clumsy dad.Yes, my mom tells all maternal instinct, and it is not the Pope.Yes, he knows what zastiryvat diapers, and what a jar from the shelf needs to sprinkle talcum powder baby ass.But!The Pope has a paternal instinct, Dad learned everything, if you give him the opportunity, and the pope, although clumsy, but quite a grown man, not to harm your child.
  2. Do not ask her husband's involvement in the education of the kid in a commanding manner. Involve your husband in this process gently, gently, and with the inherent wisdom and cunning woman."Honey, we've got a problem that can be solved only by a man" or "Beloved, help us with this game, there is always need a third player."Opportunities - car and small truck.The main thing - to want.
  3. Be smarter.Do not try to put yourself in the family above the spouse. This Pope - the head of the family.So, Dad decides - which school to go, what to eat for dinner and a jacket son will look more manly.Allow the spouse to make decisions.You will not lose anything, and Dad will get closer and closer to the fumes.The axiom: the more a man invests in her child (in all senses), the more he appreciates it.Especially since no one bothers you slip those options husband schools, dinners and jackets that like you.Compromise - a great power.
  4. Trust your spouse. Let accidentally rips of Velcro have diapers, zalyapyvaetsya kitchen vegetable puree, sings the child "wrong" song puts an hour later, and draws him are not the correct picture.The main thing is that he participates in the life of the child, and the child gets pleasure from it.
  5. Often praise her husband. clear that it is his duty (and yours), but your kiss on the cheek unshaven and "thank you, darling" - this is his wings for new successes in communicating with the child.Most say the husband - "you're the best father in the world."
  6. most often ask for the help of her husband. Do not shoulder all by yourself, otherwise you then have it all to yourself dragging.Initially, her husband attached to the process.He bathes the baby - you cook dinner.He plays with the kid, you take away the apartment.Do not forget about me: a woman still need time to yourself and put in order.Constantly coming up with urgent matters (not too long, do not abuse the kindness of a spouse) to as much as possible to leave her husband alone with a child - "oh, milk runs," "Honey, bread ran out, I run quickly, at the same time your favorite gingerbread buy", "oh, I urgently need the bathroom "," I just made up, and directly to you. "
  7. Dad stubbornly eludes the process of education?Only without the tantrums! first calmly explain how important it is for a father's education and character formation of the child's personality.Then gently and unobtrusively "slips" child dad for 5 minutes and, at 10, at noon.The longer length of wire father and child, the faster he'll like you hard, and the harder it will snap to the fumes.
  8. Get a good family tradition - go to sleep with my dad. Under daddy tales and Dad a kiss.Over time, without this ritual will not be able to manage not only the child but also the Pope.

father does not want to educate children - depriving parental rights?

Even if you are on the verge of divorce (or already divorced), termination of parental rights - are too serious step to go at him with resentment, anger, and so forth. Although my mother and she can raise her son or daughter.

need very good conditions to consciously leave the child without a father.This - his categorical unwillingness to participate in the child's upbringing, destructive lifestyle or a threat to the health / life of a child. your relationship with her husband in this case does not matter, it is the ratio of the value of your husband for her child.

Before you decide to take this step, very carefully think over its decision to reject emotions and ambitions!

How is it possible to deprive the rights?

Accordingly, the RF IC, bases are:

  • Failure parenting. In this formulation includes not only the evasion of its obligations under the pope's health, education, training and logistical support of Chad, but the refusal to pay alimony (if, of course, the decision was made).
  • use their gender / rights to the detriment of their child. That is, inducing a child to illegal activities (alcohol, cigarettes, begging and so forth.), Obstruction of studies, etc..
  • child abuse (physical, mental or sexual nature).
  • Diseases father , in which the child becomes dangerous fellowship with the Father (mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism and so on.).
  • intentional infliction of harm to health / life to the child or his mother.

Where to sue?

  1. In the classical situation - at the place of registration of the child's father (the District Court).
  2. In a situation when the child's father lives in another country or his place of residence is unknown at all - in the District Court at his last place of residence or at the location of the property (if the mother is known).
  3. If used together with the deprivation of the right to file a claim for alimony - the district court of their place of registration / residence.

every case of deprivation of rights has always regarded the participation of custody and the prosecutor.

What is child support?

Many mothers worry that an action for deprivation of rights may leave a child without financial support.Experience is not necessary!According to the law, even liberated from gender / human father is not exempt from paying the alimony.

How to prove?

Even if the former spouse receive regular child support, it is possible to deprive the rights when he is not involved in the child's upbringing.For example, does not ring a child comes up with excuses not to meet with him, is not involved in the educational life, it does not help in the treatment and so forth.

Rights and obligations of the Pope after the divorce - it Every Parent Should Know!

But my mother's words alone will not be enough.The prove nonparticipation in the life of the father of the child?

First, if the child is able to speak, with it is sure to be talk of an employee of the guardianship .Who take an interest in a child - how often it meets with the pope, calls you, you come to the school / kindergarten, congratulates you on holidays and so forth.

Conduct for the child appropriate "instruction" not recommended : if the guardianship suspect "wrong ", then, at least, the court did not satisfy the claim.

Evidence that you will need to submit with the claim:

  • document from an educational institution (school garden) that daddy there never had never seen.
  • Indications neighbors (approx. - About the same).These readings will have to assure the board of the HOA.
  • testimony (about their calling application must be submitted to the suit) from friends or parents, dads / moms friends of your child and others.
  • any other evidence of the circumstances that prove the guilt of the father, or some of its absolute non-participationin the child's life.

Was your life in such a situation, and how you solved it?