Choosing a swimsuit for fitness bikini - rules and individuality

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11 March 2016

girls involved in sports, not once thought about, to participate in the contest fitness bikini.However, many believe that this competition - a demonstration of its physical form.This is an error of judgment.It is also a demonstration of your taste and skills on the stage.One of the most important evaluation criterion - swimsuit.

So, what should be a leotard for fitness bikini and how to impress the judges with their choice?

content of the article:

  • General rules swimwear
  • Individuality in selecting or tailoring
  • Price swimwear

General rules for the fitness swimwear bikini swimwear

  • are jointly or separately.The choice is wide, however, in different federations requirements for different swimsuits.
  • leotard should not be "acid" colors, so as not to distract the attention of judges from the assessment of your body.
  • forbidden to use brocade fabrics and various packing bodice leotard (push-up).Upon detection of the contestant will be disqualified immediately.
  • fasteners on bikini should be
    simple, without tying "at 10 knots."
  • swimwear bikini bathing suit to have to hide 1/3 buttocks (less impossible).Sometimes it happens that the judges go with a ruler and check the size of heats.
  • Leaf should open the back muscles and the press.
  • In the semifinals and the final contestants can go in different swimsuits - permitted by the rules, but the swimsuit must be separate.
  • Many novice athletes make a huge mistake - go to the beach swimsuits.It is unprofessional, and sometimes judges removed points for a gaffe.Even if the usual swimsuit to decorate with sequins and embroidery - unlike fitness swimsuit is enormous.
  • Swimsuit judges evaluated together with make-up, so you need to remember that toning takes place 24 hours before the event.This is done in order not to leave stripes on a bathing suit on the body, or when dressing you simply greased the whole make-up, and it will look very ugly, and even dirty.
  • forbidden to use ruffles on the bodice or on the trunks when they close the muscle.

Swimwear bikini fitness

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individuality in the choice of sewing or fitness for a swimsuit bikini swimsuit

Choice for fitness bikini - a very important point, because it is necessary not only to pick a swimsuiton the figure, but also to make sure that he remembered the judges.So, how to give a swimsuit personality?

  • in specialized establishments can sew you a swimsuit what you want, but do not forget about the rules of the federation of fitness.
  • fringe and other "tassels" do not have to cover the muscle, or possible disqualification.
  • Use exciting colors to attract the attention of the judges.Combine a nice looking colors.
  • allowed to use rhinestones and sequins for decoration bodice and before heats.

  • Pick a swimsuit for your figure to look more impressive.For example, you can choose the model heats, where the strings are not placed on the thighs, and a little higher - it helps to visually make the legs longer.
  • unique model can also be linked or crocheted of synthetic threads.It will look very unusual.
  • You can also buy ready-made swimsuit, and then decorate it already at will.

Price swimwear bikini fitness

Prices for fitness swimwear bikinis are different and vary depending on the decor, material and style leotard.The most common swimsuit is available in the price range of 2000 rubles and indefinitely, as there are swimsuits adorned with Swarovski crystals, etc..