Rating of the most fashionable women's clothing brands in Russia in 2015

By Admin | Fashion
12 March 2016

The Russian girls their own preferences in clothing and in the choice of brands.We have analyzed the searches, the main fashion trends, surveys in the groups in social networks, as well as our personal interviews online colady.ru.Now we can present you the rating of the most fashionable women's clothing brands in Russia according to the women themselves.

  • Savage (Savage)


This company operates in the Russian market brand clothing for nearly 15 years, and all these years, it does not change its direction.

Brand Savage develops clothing for girls and women to 40 years, who follow the fashion and love to combine different items of clothing.

The collection Savage can be seen as classics and bright wardrobe items that are sure to attract the attention of shoppers.

Most importantly, it attracts the young girls - low cost clothing.

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  • ZARA (Zara)


Another brand that focuses on young women.

ZARA produces fashionable things really are popula

r and in demand.Looking at their regular store, you will never see it empty.Usually, even in the dressing will turn from the ladies and their lovers to wait until the girl choose anything from the variety provided by clothing.

Price ZARA store democratic, but still a little bite.Although it does not frighten the girls, because of the high quality and beautiful clothes to pay.

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  • Incity (INSITA)


INSITA The company has been in existence since 2003 and cooperates with many other fashion brands.

All clothes of this brand combined with each other, which will undoubtedly attract shoppers.Also, the store has a fairly wide selection of related products - here you can buy almost everything from rubber bands for hair, finishing underwear.

Another important point that is absolutely like all the female - low price items.

  • Lacoste (Lacoste)


There is probably no single girl who does not know the famous logo in the form of a small crocodile.

Since 1933, the company Lacoste pleases its customers with stylish sportswear style.Hallmark brand of polo shirts have become present in the wardrobe of every third girl.

The brand, though not included in the list of budget, but still continues to attract buyers.

  • SELA (Sela)


This store was founded by two brothers who initially just traded Chinese things.Over time, they began to produce its own line of clothing, which enjoy enormous popularity to this day.

brand focused on young girls who follow fashion and adoring experiments in clothing.

addition to bright things, attention is drawn, and the price - they do not bite.

  • River Island (River Island)

River Island

This brand is designed for young girls who prefer to experiment and mix of bright colors in clothes.

Clothing by River Island - a real hurricane variety of textures, prints and fantastic colors.Each collection attracts attention and makes you want to buy even one little thing.

Clothing of this brand will stand out from the crowd and add to your image of zest.

  • Mango (Mango)


This brand was aimed at - stylish dress girls with an average cash income.It is this brand one of the first established its online store to realize the things around the world.

bright and stylish clothes of the Spanish brand is popular only a few years old, but already known buyers in 45 countries around the world.

  • Nike (Nike)


One of the most recognizable brands, producing clothes of sports style.Sneakers Nike has for several decades are popular among girls.

Recently, Nike focuses on femininity, so in their collections already available dress and shoes on the platform.

also is said of the price range: Nike is a manufacturer of garments are not fiscal, but not much and wallet lose weight by buying, as the quality of the clothes you can wear it for years.

  • H & amp; M (HLB & M)


This brand attracts girls their availability and a huge selection of clothing.H & amp; M produces everything from zakolochek and underwear ending stylish jackets and shoes.

HLB & M continues for many years to please its buyers low prices, promotions and numerous discounts.

also pleased that the company does not rely on a certain age, therefore in the shop of brand clothes can pick and grandmother and her granddaughter.

  • Adidas (Adidas)


company, known as the most popular manufacturer of sports clothing and footwear.

Perhaps compete with this brand can only Nike.So, what is so attractive for buyers in this brand?

most important - the quality of clothes and style that runs through all collection Adidas (Adidas have all been associated with three white stripes on a dark background).

also pleased and the price - to purchase T-shirts or skirts sportswear brand wallet is empty.