Normcore - fashion for the poor or high style?

By Admin | Fashion
12 March 2016

Style Name normcore - merge 2 words - «normal» and «core», which means "the base and meets the standards."And indeed - this style can be called a base, and even invisible.If you want, you can be anonymous with this style, as from the back will never know - the usual university student in front of his eyes, or is it - a famous model, dressed in the style of normcore.

content of the article:

  • What normcore
  • high style of normcore

What normcore

This style emerged in the United States just a decade ago.During this time normcore gained immense popularity, both among young people and among the world stars.


T-shirts, jeans, sweaters and large boring shoes - this is something that is popular, but allows you to get lost in the crowd."Stand out, not standing out" - the motto of style normcore.

So what are the main features inherent normcore, and what clothing is considered to be this style?

  • Easy

easiest cut pants, jeans, sweaters and shirts.No frills - just a simple, concise and

severity of forms.

  • large size

big sweaters, shirts for a couple of sizes too big, big points.To this point, you can also include a large and binding, present in scarves and sweaters and hats.

a cap

  • Ease

basis of this style - comfort.You should be comfortable in the clothes you wear - or is already - not normcore.

  • Gray, standard, not remarkable

Style normcore allows the girl to get lost in the crowd, but at the same time stand out among all the pathos of fashion garments, so you should opt for shades of gray and marsh clothes.

high style of normcore

World stars are people too, so they tend to take sometimes expensive outfits and wear exactly what you like and comfortable.

So what outfits prefer well-known personalities, and it is common normcore as everyone says?

  • Kate Middleton

The well-known wife of Britain's Prince William often gets in the camera lenses in ordinary jeans, a simple sweater and sneakers.Indeed, this combination can be considered one of the most simple and universal.Dear

and democratic views - this is what can be called normcore.

  • Angelina Jolie

This world-famous beauty sometimes likes to be pampered normcore and "escape" from the crowd.

It perfectly combines lackluster things so that the whole image looks very succinctly.

  • Jodie Foster

Judy decided that normcore may well be an everyday fashion, and now out of work and can be seen in ordinary trousers, vest and sneakers phony.

Convenience - here on what should be emphasized in the selection of clothing style normcore.

Jodie Foster

  • Amanda Seyfried

It is a very attractive girl, but when the time comes to walk, she puts on the most discreet and unremarkable clothes - plain white T-shirt and gray sweatpants.Complete this

sandals on his bare feet and all - stylish outfit in the style normcore ready.

  • Jennifer Garner

This actress has long been settled down, removed and rarely in the spotlight appears not so often.Attire Jennifer has also undergone changes.

normcore style - a style of simplicity and convenience, which will undoubtedly be helpful if you have small children, and you are a long time in the street, "maneuvering" between schools, shops, kindergartens, etc.

Jennifer proves that even in normal shorts and svitshote can stand out from the crowd - if you know how these things are properly applied.