12 fashion trends spring 2015

By Admin | Fashion
13 March 2016

Every year a girl watching the fashion trends in order to remain at the peak of fashion.2015 th was no exception, so we suggest you familiarize yourself with 15 spring fashion trends of this year.The bright, gentle, open and attract the attention of clothes were presented the most famous fashion houses.

As they prepared for today's fashionistas?

  • Colors of Summer

This season, at the peak of popularity will be bright yellow and orange colors.Citrus shades can be found, as in the well-known brands of shoes and clothing.Especially well these clothes are combined with shades in white, as in this case, the image turns crisp and tender at the same time.

summer colors

  • add volume

In 2015, the volume will be very fashionable print on clothing.Do you like things with flowered print?Get a beautiful thing to bulk flowers.This trend has picked up all the leading brands of the world.Also, bulk items will appear in the footwear and accessories.

add volume

  • Sweetie-wrappers

appeared entire collections of clo

thing made of foil-coated fabric.Bright, eye-catching and playing in the sun details of clothing - one of the latest trends.This fabric will add zest to clothes and turn his mistress into this "candy".

candy wrappers

  • floral print

For many seasons floral print remains in vogue.The only thing that has changed - the amount of color.Now the colors have become large and bizarre.Jeans with floral prints and long dresses with pictures of flowers are all the rage.

floral print

  • Fringe

This season, as in the fringe trend.Handbags, shoes, skirts, boots and even hours - all can be supplemented by fringe.


  • Red is in fashion again!

from season to season red continues to delight fashionistas.Spring 2015 was no exception, and now almost every brand has released a collection of red clothes, shoes or accessories.It became popular almost all shades - from caramel color and ending color of red wine.

Red fashion

  • strip

Earlier strip was the same and the vertical, in this season are fashionable zigzag stripes, curves, strips of different thickness.This clothing is perfectly combined with self-colored accessories, or vice versa - using striped shoes and handbag complete with a one-color dress.


  • laid bare tummy

the spring of 2015 became fashionable cropped tops (short loose-fitting T-shirts) and tops, bras.These things look great with pants, jeans or shorts with a high waist.Owners of good figure can only envy, as these wardrobe items only fit them.

bare the tummy

  • little openness

This season, the increasingly popular outdoor clothing with transparent inserts.Transparent and weightless accessories are very popular among fashionistas.Beautiful black dress, complemented by transparent inserts on the sides or short dress, which is converted into a long, thanks to the translucent fabric - that's true romance.

slightly open

  • Gothic

Rich dark colors are also high on the glossy fashion magazines.Dark blue, black, dark purple tones perfect for confident women, and for those who want to add a little spice to your image.The combination of colors of clothes with bright accessories - key to stylish image.


  • Massive shoes

this season popular massive heavy shoes, shoes with thick heels and "Tank sole."In conjunction with the tender short dresses or jeans hipsters these shoes will look great.

massive shoes

  • Ballerinas

Ballerinas again among the favorites at the fashionistas, but this year they are more delicate and feminine, so suited to almost every way.Pink, blue and yellow soft colors - that's what you should look for when choosing ballet.

ballet shoes

  • Large bags and backpacks

bag should be a minimum of decoration and the backpack is made of simple materials (leather, denim) with a minimum of pockets.It is better to buy a bag of primary colors to suit to all your wardrobe.


  • skin

Recently gaining momentum in popularity leather inserts in the clothes.For example, with leather leggings fragments on the sides - with pumps and a classic white shirt.There is also a large selection of jackets, dresses and even jeans, which is actively used by the skin.


  • Shoes gladiators

late spring, when the weather allows you to have to get out on the street light, fashionista can show around town a beautiful summer footwear.The most fashionable trend this season - shoes, gladiators with straps.The straps can be both to the ankles and up to the knee.The most popular shoes with heels, as the model flat shoes are not for all the girls.

Gladiator shoes