Where to go cheap from Russia on vacation with his family in crisis in 2015?

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12 March 2016

Every working person looking forward to the holiday.In order to comfortably relax, rejuvenate, to compensate for psychological costs of the sea, beaches and just "doing nothing."Whereas previously the most popular was the question - where to rest, in the light of the crisis became more appropriate - where to do it inexpensively.

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Inexpensive holiday abroad for the family in 2015 - the country for a cheap family holiday

To begin with you should pay attention to the last minute tours, pre-booking (a few months), to rest in the "family" hotel (you can save significant), as well as bus tours (several countries at minimal cost).In short, there is a will, and the options will be.

And now the details - where to go in 2015, the year that is inexpensive and interesting?

  • Tunisia

Tempting prices for holidays, more or less stable.Worth seeing the Roman ruins in the north, relax by the sea, photographed

on location filming "Star Wars."

  • South Africa

Prices are affordable, and the inexpensive vacation regardless of the season.Find something for yourself, you can at any budget - free to visit museums (many of them), a dip in the beauty of nature, to relax in seaside cafes.The best time of rest (minimum of tourists + excellent weather) - spring and autumn.

Portrait of happy young family with two kids on tropical vacation

  • Shanghai

on a limited budget - a great option.Low-cost hotels, cheap food, huge portions almost for nothing, and walking on rapidly changing metropolis and a mass of new impressions.

  • Samoa

Less - not the shortest and easiest way.Pros: tropical paradise, idyllic beaches, accommodation in huts (almost Robinson Crusoe), cheap food, markets "penny", but amazingly beautiful souvenirs.

  • Bali

offers travelers - cheap bungalows, delicious and inexpensive food, low transportation costs.About the spa and can not speak - quality, cheaply and professionally.

  • Uruguay

where you can significantly save money, enjoy delicious steaks, quiet beaches and unforgettable excursions.

  • Portugal

Compared to other resort areas in Europe, are the lowest prices.Great location (eg Algarve) to enjoy a beach holiday.Do not disappoint the Lisbon and Barcelona.


  • Taiwan

This trip to save money more than a trip to Tokyo or Hong Kong.For tourists - hostels and guest houses, as well as camping in the forests of the island.Cheap tickets for the w / d routes, big purse for excursions is also not necessary.Delicious food (and in the restaurant and in the street eatery) is cheaper than in Europe, and only positive emotions from the rest - over the edge.

  • Romania

Pros: Affordable flight connections to Europe, the choice of living arrangements - for every taste and budget, cheap ferries from which to explore the castles and old villages, the Danube Delta.

  • Burkina Faso

West African pearl with friendly people, colorful markets, mountain ranges, a variety of wildlife and more than affordable prices.

  • Greece

in this country to take the olive groves with a thick-thick credit card, too, is not necessary.There can be inexpensive and very high quality relax, enjoy the beauty of the homeland of the Olympic Games, a visit to Mount Athos monasteries and surprisingly delicious local food and the famous Greek wine.

  • Bulgaria

practically synonymous with cheap holidays.Pluses sea: the perfect beach, friendly close Slavic people, democratic prices "for all."How to entertain children and adults - in this country there is an excess.

Beach vacation for the family in 2015 - where to go on the sea in a crisis?

crisis - a crisis, and beach vacation - on a schedule.

Where can yank the whole family in 2015, taking into account "to cheap"?

  • Italy

2-week itinerary with a visit to Venice and Rome, Genoa and Florence, an unforgettable beach vacation, charming towns, affordable prices.


  • Bus tour of European capitals (5-7 countries)

short tour with excursions, a lot of impressions.Special attention - to the countries of the Baltic Sea with sandy beaches and curative treatments (Parnu, Palanga, Druskininkai, the island of Saaremaa, etc.), On the cobbled streets of Latvia and Lithuania, medieval castles, national dishes in restaurants.

  • Scandinavia

effortless and enjoyable tours, ideal for families.From Helsinki to Copenhagen.Seaside fun, cozy streets, tasty and quality food.

  • Do not forget about Turkey and Egypt - the champion of inexpensive vacation

There's the "all inclusive", and warm sea, and impressions, and cost savings.

  • Thailand

If you go there with my family in the middle of winter, all the charms of the country can be assessed, without prejudice to the nervous system (few tourists in the winter) and purse (winter - the season of discounts).

  • India

It just attracts tourists like a magnet.Because a lot of entertainment, in a variety of deficit no rest, low prices, first-class beaches.

  • Vietnam

also relatively inexpensive holiday for lovers of sandy beaches, sun, surf, fantastically delicious (and as the original) kitchen, coral reefs and diving.

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Family cheap holidays in Russia in 2015 - the best option for families with children

If finances do not sing more songs, but already beginning to whistle, anda rest - well, like, why not relax in the home country?Especially since the place for a family holiday in Russia - a great many, for every taste.

so that Russia now offers its travelers the patriots?

  • Hostels

For example, in Moscow, on the Volga, in the Leningrad region, and so forth. It offers guests - barbeque and sauna, horseback riding and boating, fishing and our gorgeous lake.


  • Sea

Coast Black or Azov.Pensions and tourist resorts in the Crimea and Anapa, Gelendzhik and Sochi, in the small seaside town like Dagomys or Lazarev, in Abkhazia (Sukhumi, Gagra, Athos).Visa is not necessary, a complete vacation, the sea is present, the options - from economy class to the "luxury".

  • Kaliningrad Amber Coast

Pros - The Baltic Sea and its wholesome air, pine trees and excellent food, excursions and just a pleasant stroll.From the most popular resorts Amber, Svetlogorsk, the Curonian Spit.

  • Marine, river cruises

Invariably popular form of recreation.However, parents should remember the "sea sickness", which is often accompanied by a brood.If the vestibular apparatus in the water brings, such a vacation is not suitable.For other great option - cruise on the Volga River, boat trip to Valaam, from Saratov to Volgograd or on the Black Sea with stops in Crimea, tours of the Siberian rivers or cruise along the Yenisei.

  • Balneological resorts

Cool Karelian resort or mountain air Minvody Caucasus.Occasion - relax and gain health, which would be superfluous.

Plus the rest in Russia very much.This affordability, savings and Visa / tickets and the opportunity to go to his car.As well as the low cost of living and the opportunity to take a trip very young children - do not have to change the climate.