Brand Paolo Moretti

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14 March 2016

Brand Paolo Moretti PAOLO MORETTI - a historic Milanese company, known in Italy and abroad, thanks to the production and sale of fur and fur products since 1949.

distinguishing sign fur factory - is combination of style and Italian taste with a high professional level of performance , followed by handicraft work, which makes the product unique and incomparable in demand.Paolo Moretti pays special attention to the study of materials and their characteristics, the development of new treatment technologies.

brand Paolo Moretti Family Moretti takes materials (sable, mink, chinchilla, fox) directly at the auctions of Russia, North America and northern Europe, then to use them in creating designer collections of Italian fur .

Showroom is located in the heart of Milan, in front of the Cathedral (Duomo) and covers an area of ​​1,000 square meters, where a wide selection of fur.Visit showroom possible without an appointment.

brand Paolo Moretti important to note that updated collection is produced several times a year : designed with elegance and It

alian style, differing in taste and typology - it is a wide range of products, among which there is a section dedicated to the great size. customers attention is presented as service "to order» : Paolo Moretti creates a fur coat in the short term according to the requests, ensuring the delivery of home.

main task Paolo Moretti is, to satisfy all the demands and wishes of its customers, treat with special attention to each of them and let the dream come true.

brand Paolo Moretti

go to our website, you have the opportunity to experience a part of our collection and see our location on the map.

brand Paolo Moretti