12 effective ways to make a young child to brush teeth

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13 March 2016

as every mom cleaning Krokhin teeth should begin as soon as they become available.The first two or four teeth - by a piece of sterile gauze or silicone-thimble brush.Then - with a toothbrush and toothpaste, a grown-up.And here comes the "interesting."Because accustom your favorite preschooler to the regular cleaning of the teeth - not an easy task.What to do if your child does not want to brush your teeth - reveals the secrets of experienced moms.
Ways to get the child to brush teeth

  • brushing teeth together with your child. personal example - he is always effective persuasion.In the morning we were not locked in the bathroom for putting marafeta and take the baby with them.We give him the brush and simultaneously initiate the procedure, looking at each other - Play a "mirror".Scarce have to repeat your every move.Over time, the child will get used to this game, and forcibly dragged him to the bathroom did not have to.
  • We buy the most fantastic baby toothbrush and quality paste with a pleasant taste.Be sure to attach to the pr
    ocess of buying a child.Let him choose the taste of paste and brushes design.
  • Many mothers remembered a trip to a dentist in the school years of the class. before inspecting certainly held a lecture on proper brushing.Phasing cleaning demonstrated by a visual aid - huge plastic jaw or Hippo with big human teeth.Today, a similar toy found no problem - it is there, you can show your child how to brush his teeth, and after the game to check the bathroom - well you learn the material.
  • hung on the bathroom door leaf (cardboard, board) "achievements." For each cleaning of the teeth - a beautiful logo sticker on the sheet.Scored 5 (7, 10 ... - individually) stickers - it's time to chocolate.Kill two birds with one stone - and limit sweet and clean teeth.
  • We are looking for motivated .Any kid is much easier to carry away through the game than to get.Look for the method that most surely lead you to your goal.For example, a fairy tale.Write to her own child.Let it be a tale of nasty dental caries, which turned white teeth black for all the kids who refused to brush your teeth.Do not forget about happy end - the child must defeat all the caries using a magic brush.

Ways to get the child to brush teeth

  • Choice. She always inspires.Let your bathroom the baby is not the only one brush and a tube of toothpaste, and brush with 3-4 different design and several pastes with different tastes.For example, today it cleans teeth strawberry paste with a brush-Smeshariki, and tomorrow - a banana, with a brush ghost.
  • cartoons and movies for children. They can also play a role on the basis of the above tale.Of course, the content of movies and cartoons - a story about kids who do not want to brush his teeth.
  • Be for your child's tooth fairy. Not that which America brings kids dropped coins for teeth, and our fairy - which flies at night, check - whether the cleaned teeth and hides under his pillow, for example, an apple.Incidentally, movies dental fairies will also work for the previous item, but do not forget to remarochka while watching - "Fairy brings coins only for the fallen teeth, which are regularly cleaned."
  • organize competitions. For example, who is the best of all clean the teeth (clean the whole family, compare white).Or who will have more foam in the mouth during brushing (kids love it).
  • Buy in store hourglass .Small - 2 minute.While running colored sand - carefully clean each tooth.2 minutes - the optimal time to protective components managed to create a paste for teeth protection.Previously not forget to show your child a mini-play with paper characters (pre-draw) - dental caries and a terrible threat two girlfriends - brush and paste, which is under construction with the help of an hourglass for 2 minutes solid wall reliable caries.
  • morning and evening clean "teeth" to toys (better than plastic, they do not mind wet): let the kid drop them in the bathroom washing machine and to start a personal example shows a diagram for brushing.After the "master class" to do themselves and toys - that none of them are "not gone to bed" with unpeeled teeth.
  • We get a good family tradition - clean teeth. Brushing ends let some warm ritual.For example, take pictures of his snow-white smile.And then, together compose the tale of the teeth (Buy album or book in hardcover).After a month or two you have typed an entire book of fairy tales.After each tale sure to paste a photo smile and draw with your child drawing on the theme.

generally include imagination, and all you get!
Ways to get the child to brush teeth

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