How to choose a bra size and shape correctly - table selection bra

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15 March 2016

How to choose the right model among the variety of bras that this thing does not violate the lymph and blood circulation, improves breast shape for a long time to serve?

Read our advice before purchasing a new bra - and it will become your favorite purchase for many months.

content of the article:

  • Determine the size of the bra
  • How to choose a bra in shape?
  • rules when choosing a bra fitting

how to choose a bra

Determine the size to choose the right bra - a bra size table

If you do not know how to choose a bra size read our instructions.

  • First of all, it is necessary to calculate the size of your breasts, which is usually indicated on the label as 70, 75, 80 and so on.

To do this, take a centimeter and attach it under the breast. resulting volume can be interpreted as follows: in centimeters: 67-72 = r.70, r.75 = 73-77, 78-82 = r.80, 83-87 = r.85.

  • now necessary to determine the completeness of the chest , which is usually denoted by the letters A, B, C, D.

For this pomerte volume by projecting the chest.

  • Then subtract from the amount of projected area of ​​the volume under the breast and guided by the following measurements.

In centimeters: 10 to 11 = AA, 12 to 13 = A, from 14 to 15 = B, from 16 to 17 = C, from 18 to 19 = D, 20 to 21 = DD.

Example: if the length under the bust about 70 cm and a length on the chest - 80 cm, and the difference between them is 10 cm, then your size 70 AA.



How to choose a bra for form - video, how to choose the right bra itself

Video: How to choose the right bra

  • How to choose a bra for sensitive skin? First, a bra to be pitted.Secondly, without rough uncomfortable straps.Thus, the breast skin must be free and well ventilated.It is desirable that the fabric straps and underwear were soft.If you have large breasts, your choice - a bra on a broad framework, with closed cups and wide shoulder straps.
  • thin translucent bras can be worn only as a decoration, as their lack of elasticity of the fabric, and is not able to keep the shape of the breast.
  • If you have a tiny back and big breasts , then you need to pay special attention to the uniform distribution of the load on his back.The best way to deal with it underwire bra with a cup of single cut and tight elastic straps.
  • wide strap on the dorsal part of the best narrow. It better resists displacements bases bra top.
  • If breasts set wide, should be used on solid underwire bra.He shifts a little chest to each other and creates a seductive dimple.
  • When flat chest can afford to open bras on a rigid bone and thin straps, for example - "Angelica".
  • ate need to raise breast , choose a cup with a sealed bottom.
  • If the chest is necessary also to increase in the volume of , then try to trim bra with fully sealed cup.

Proper planting:


incorrect landing:


rules when choosing a bra fitting - how to choose a bra is a perfect fit?

  1. lean forward slightly and let down straps on the shoulders evenly placed the cup on the chest, waist and back.
  2. Fasten the belt at the farthest hook.If necessary, adjust so that the belt was sitting tight.
  3. sure that the nipple press forward, not up or down.
  4. sure that the straps are not squeezing the skin.If necessary, ask the seller to adjust their length.
  5. Now you can see how well the model chosen landing.This is a very important thing in question "how to choose the right bra!"Listen to the advice given below.
  6. Seen from the front bone bra must be placed precisely on the edges.At a small cup or too wide belt is to fall chest down.Check: DELAY hands up and check - if a suitable bra, then his belt will not budge.In addition, the cup should not wrinkle or squeezing chest, otherwise it will be a sign of inadequate size cups
  7. bridge between the cups of the bra should adhere to the skin, and does not protrude above the surface.bra
  8. straps should not dig into the skin, but should not subside.If they are moved, the size too big.

  9. Remove straps and follow the belt - it should not be shifted without straps.

  10. It is desirable to have the straps remained stock in length, because they tend to stretch.

  11. Choice bra should be based on the view from behind.So, good times do not ride up, and takes a position parallel to the floor.

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