How and what to wear with a white shirt woman - stylish images with a white shirt

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17 March 2016

white shirt women - a mandatory thing for a basic wardrobe.It makes it easy to be uneven elegant, business and urban images, changing only the accessories and costume bottoms.



Ideally - silk. normal length - up to the thigh, so that you can fill.With a well-tailored collar.Sleeve length can be up to the wrist, to be able to effectively roll up to the elbow.

It is worth remembering that the white color has many shades: cream, milk, lime, white, alabaster, snow-white, ecru and platinum.When choosing a shade should be paid to the complexion, hair, eyes.So, white tone emphasize all the shortcomings yellowish dark skin and cream, on the contrary, will make the complexion more attractive.

White top - black bottom

This classic combination is never out of fashion.Well, to emphasize their individuality, you can use costume jewelry and accessories.

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shirt with a vest

This combination does not always mean business style.Firstly, the vests can be of different styles - from denim or l

eather to a simple one-color.Secondly, it is important to the bottom of how you combine it.With short or long, bright or pastel skirt, shorts or pants?


For office

Business style can be an interesting and attractive.Suffice it to combine stylish white shirt with your favorite jewelry, original trousers and heels.

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for urban walks

In this case, you can afford to put on a bright skirt length and favorite heels.However, if you wear a white shirt with a fashionable skirt, light baletochki and beautiful necklace, you'll also be in the spotlight!

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is white

Elegantly combining different textures white fabric can achieve some success.Exquisitely?Yes, unique and elegant!In this case, the usual details - like the bright make-up, manicure and jewelry - attract special attention.


With bright trousers

buying clothes juicy tones, you reflect a little bit on how often we will be able to wear them in color.After all, some colors are very difficult to combine with the rest of wardrobe.In this case, a white shirt - a win-win!Not only does it emphasize the trendy shade, but will use any accessories.

with torn or worn denim

This combination creates the effect of slight negligence.But - other things have to be in perfect condition or your romantic turn into untidy.


Spicy detail

If you want to create a playful and at the same time - an image of business, tie a tie.Checkered, with a pretty pattern or solid color - it's perfect to be combined with a simple white shirt.

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With leather skirt

white shirt to protect against vulgarity and allow to look to the best of sexy and stylish.It is desirable that the shirt was made of natural silk.Instead, you can use the leather skirt or trousers or shorts.

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Sea image

Use dark blue and red colors, possibly traditional stripes and sea elements in the decoration to create a fresh image of the sea.

On all occasions

Skinny jeans + fashion white shirt + heels + necklace = beautiful idea for those who prefer a simple style "closer to the people" and lead an active life.

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In the cold season

images with a white shirt popular in any season.In the fall, we continue to refresh its collar cozy sweaters or jackets complement, cardigans and denim jackets.

So what about the collar?

In 2014, the best to wear the collar boldly snub or severely converged to the last button.Forget neatly arranged on the sides - it is now more likely to remind the style a la librarian.

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white shirt, photo

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