How to live with her husband gambling and if he could help - Survival guide to gambling in the family

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14 March 2016

Casinos and slot machines have long disappeared from our streets, but for true gamers there are opportunities everywhere.Especially in this age of technology.Simply change slightly depending on the form (betting, underground casinos, online casino, forex, etc.), But the essence remains the same.This topic people usually pass by (that they to gamers and other people's problems), but only until such time as the gamer does not appear in his own family, in the face of her husband's hometown.And then the question arises - what to do?

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content of the article:

  • How to gamers in a husband?
  • How to deal with gambling addiction in the family?
  • When put an end to the relationship with her husband gambling?

Signs gamers - how to determine the gamers in a husband?

all begins, as always, with a small ... "handpainted pulechku", "Why not try an easy way of earnings?I do not lose!And in general - all in the family! "Tentative attempts to play the sweepstakes, and so on. The first steps towards gambling -

it's always an opportunity to escape, the game, the usual entertainment.Either way - to get away from the problems in the family (a wife's quarreling, harsh conditions, problems at work). first sobering defeat, the first prize inspires and pushes to taking new heights - and suddenly turn back! And one - again really turns. Step by step harmless fun turns into a continuous race to win , and repair broken "brake" with each passing day more and more difficult.How do you know that this moment has arrived, and it's time to treat the spouse of gambling? understand the "symptoms» ...

  • Plunging into the gameplay, he sincerely believes that is literally will soon become the richest man in the world, "and that's when you're healed!".

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  • he disappears for days on end in the virtual or real gaming institution.
  • He was not interested in domestic and intra-family problems, but his eyes light up when he talks to you about the great "strategy" of the game.
  • He often retreats into himself.Even out of the game he was not able to focus on his wife and children.
  • family budget, if not burst, already bursting at the seams.
  • His emotional companions - from the unbridled joy and delight to anger and aggression.Mood swings occur suddenly, constantly, and sometimes for no apparent reason.
  • If he is out of the game for a long time, he begins the "breaking."It appears irritability.
  • growing every day the need to increase the size of the bet or increase its frequency.
  • He starts to go into debt, coming up with excuses to you for a variety of reasons (for the repair of the car, my mother's gift, a friend got in trouble and so forth.).
  • He tries to strike up with his "hobby", but breaks down and comes back.
  • the acute need for money (to pay the bills, pay off debts and so forth.), He begins to play more frequently and intensely.

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  • On the "altar" of gambling he throws not only his usual enthusiasm, and work.
  • affair gradually taper off.
  • All conversations are limited to formal phrases.
  • Relationships with friends gradually deteriorate.All rarely come to visit.
  • growing number of credits taken.

Courage, the first euphoria of winning and the excitement quite quickly replaced by a complete despair and loneliness.And, unfortunately, major "symptoms" occur when gamers to stay alone can not.

4 stages gambling:

  • 1st phase .He plays occasionally, from time to time.In my dreams - wins.Rates do not increase.The winner quite often, sometimes on a grand scale.
  • 2nd phase. often loses.Quit their jobs to have enough time for the game.Starts to go into debt.Pay debts are not able to - you have to endure in a pawnshop valuables.Often - without asking his wife.

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  • 3rd phase. reputation irredeemably spoiled.Relationships with friends severed relationships with loved ones on the verge of breaking.The family goes to the bottom of the boat.Even feeling remorse, he is looking for an excuse for themselves.Periodically, fits of panic, to cope with the addiction alone is impossible.
  • 4th phase. despair and hopelessness.Have thoughts about suicide or escape.The problem starts with the police, there is a craving for alcohol.

Male gamers - what to do, how to behave with gambling in the family?

When beloved husband turns to gamers, family life becomes unbearable.Dependence brings suffering not only to all others, but also to man.Is there a chance to get it back to a normal life without medical assistance?There, if not passed Phase 3. How to cure your gamers - expert advice:

  • first and most important thing: without the help of her husband to return to his normal life gamers virtually impossible.That is, husband must understand and acknowledge that it is dependent , and that this dependence is time to heal, until the family boat finally sank.This is the main problem.Because not everyone is able to afford gamers even admit their addiction.To open the eyes of her husband will take quite a serious shake-up, which will force him to look at everything from the (serious problems at work, a lot of debt, the risk of a complete rupture of relations and so forth.).

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  • a serious talk with her husband. Explain - what's going on, what is at stake, you need to change in order to avoid a complete collapse of the family.
  • strictly forbidden sorry for gambling and any concessions. Yes, addiction - a disease.But this does not mean that no longer need to work, go shopping, take care of children and so forth.
  • Always tear off her husband from the monitor any requests and urgent matters.
  • find employment for her husband more exciting than a game. desirable, not a single interesting event, and regular new passion to the time the game was not just (fishing, car, sport, etc.).It is desirable that this shared passion for both of you.So it will be easier to control the process of "treatment."
  • not to sort things out and do not try to solve the problem through the scandal - it does not help, and even make the situation worse.
  • Convince husband to see a doctor .Find an experienced professional who can help your gambling rediscover the meaning of existence.Modern experts many "tools" for the treatment of this dependence - from exposure to laser coding and acupuncture.
  • Switch husband to another dependency .Game - is primarily chemical processes in the brain, excitement and adrenaline.Bouncer like cures - Find occupation, causing a surge of adrenaline.For example, skydiving.

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  • your main enemy - the hope that "everything will be self» .Do not pass.No pity for gambling!And the more you act decisively, the faster it recovers.
  • Return husband interest in real life - use any methods that tear off his game and forced to think about the real pleasures.
  • All steps passed and nothing helps?Prepare yourself for the insurance of the financial hole , threaten divorce and leave her husband for time alone.If all is not lost - it will take up the mind.Create for him, if not conditions, their appearances, in which he will remain alone with their addiction.

Do I have to live with gambling, and where to put the point in the relationship with her husband gambling?

Treatment gamers - is even more difficult than treating a drug addict or alcoholic, due to lack of motivation for treatment in most gamers.The same drug addict at least able to recognize that he is dependent, and needs treatment.

But gamers do not see any reason to change anything, and even serious problems with work and family are not human arguments.For a man who has passed 3 or 4 phase gambling, the period of treatment can take up to several years, and not the fact that it will be successful - according to experts, the percentage of completely recovered sufficiently low.

Therefore p Addressing - whether to continue to fight for her husband, gamers, or burn bridges - takes only a woman, based on the situation.If about any feelings (but pity) speech does not go, if by "dragging" her husband's children begin to suffer, and the situation is worsening with each passing day, it is likely the most correct solution is to break relations.

In this case, at least there is a chance that remaining alone in her husband feel that goes to the bottom and make the right conclusions.

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Has your family life like situation?And as you come out of them?Share your stories in the comments below!