Choose a fashionable dress for prom 2014 to yesterday's schoolgirls - short, long, luxuriant?

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18 March 2016

All graduates are looking forward to the day when they will be given certificates and can be had with former classmates to go for a walk.Yesterday schoolgirl thinks his outfit to the last detail, not forgetting about the main parts - a dress.In 2014, the dress is out of fashion, and his replacement came more elegant models.So what dress should choose in 2014?


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most stylish fashions long prom dresses 2014

Sure, if you want a luxurious outfit that attracts the views of others, choose a long dress, emphasizing the figure. What styles of long dresses fashionable in 2014?

  • romantic mood.If you want to look like the heroine of some fairy tale princesses for, we advise you to choose a long dress, which begins just below the breasts.These dresses can hide almost all figure flaws and give mysteriousness.You can also use a
    crinoline, but not very lush.Otherwise, you'll look like a five year old girl on a children's matinee.

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  • revelation.If you have an attractive figure, it is possible to opt for fitting dress with a deep cut on the back.This dress this year is very popular among the graduates.Typically, these self-colored dress made not to spoil the overall image.For this fee is a mandatory attribute - high heel.Without this detail image is incomplete and even absurd.
  • Mermaid.Yes, the fashion for this style of wedding dresses really moved to the graduates.Today, there are a lot of studios, where he specializes in sewing dresses of style.The most important thing to consider - the figure should be almost perfect, because this dress emphasizes even the slightest flaws silhouette.

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Models short prom dresses 2014 - Photo

Today, every girl wants to stand out, so the exhaust balakazhdaya looking for the most original, anyone not like the dress. This may help short dress:

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  • royal gait.Today, a huge popular dress with a train.Beautiful dress with a fluffy short skirt that flows smoothly into the loop - that is fashionable in 2014.Skirts of dresses usually are made of chiffon or other lightweight material.This gorgeous dress will emphasize long legs graduate, and if also added shoes to the dress color, the image will be final and stunning.
  • childish innocence.If you still feel like a child, you can opt for a sumptuous dress, skirt which begins under the chest or waist.These dresses look very playful, if you combine them with a high heel.
  • adult choice.In 2014 very popular little dresses, tight-fitting shape.These dresses are usually fairly short and long sleeve.The dress can be complemented by a deep cut on the back and front trim collar.If the front is the neckline, then about a cutout on the back is better to forget - to exhaust such "openness" is too vulgar.

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Fashion little black dress for prom 2014

Fashion for the little black dress has reached and prom dresses.Indeed, why not choose the classics to the prom? So, what to look for when choosing a little black dress?


  • Dress length should be not less than 1.5 hands of the tribe.
  • can purchase lacy black dress, having a full skirt.This dress will look great with black or red suede heels.
  • For any type of shape perfect dress-cases.This dress will fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the exhaust when you add bright accessories.
  • collars in fashion.If you could not find a black dress with a white collar, you can use a removable collar (you can buy in each store accessories) and the usual black dress.
  • Do not think that little black dress - always short.If you buy a black floor-length dress with cutout on the back, it will please you, not only throughout the evening, but after graduation.

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New products prom dresses 2014 - lace, cocktail dresses and elegant suits for prom 2014

  • Lace dresses.This new product, which is already safely be credited videalnye options platyadlya outlet.Lace became fashionable again! A lot of prom dresses create a "vintage" - these dresses are very popular among young girls, because after they can be worn on other holidays.
  • cocktail dress.This option is suited to girls who do not want to throw money away.If you buy a cocktail dress, it then can be worn almost every day (in front of the whole summer).However, it is a very responsible approach to the choice of dress, that it has come to choose the accessories and shoes.
  • Fashion overalls.Many put in place prom dresses romper, which are overalls of light and even flying material.There are different variations of color, length of the legs (leg can be floor-length), shape and type of arms.It all depends on your figure and fantasy.

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In any case, the exhaust - a holiday, depending on the mood.A well-chosen dress can help you achieve this goal.