18 signs of readiness for parenthood - are you ready to become parents?

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15 March 2016

3947b Preparations for the new major life stage, to motherhood - is not just a "correction" of physical health, the transition to proper nutrition, avoiding harmful habits, and strengthening the financial solidity.First of all, it's psychological readiness for the birth of crumbs, the absence of fear, doubt and maturity to fully train a new little person.How do you know - are you ready to be a mom and dad?On what grounds is determined by psychological readiness for the birth of your baby?

  • positive experience of childhood and the most positive emotions from the memories of his childhood, communicating with parents, older relatives, about the manner of education, children's games and toys. Kids "experience" plays an important role in the education of their children already.All the best from our childhood, we pass on to their kids, the children singing the same lullaby that our mothers and we follow the family tradition and projecting warmth of his memory in our crumbs.
  • desire of the child. Ready-to-child birth parents love and want their baby before pregnancy.
  • process of pregnancy - is not 9-month hard labor and a pleasant time waiting. Any movement of the baby - a way to communicate, it is addressed with words and thoughts, preparing for his appearance, as the most important event in my life.dad-and-pregnant-wife-101111-02
  • education strategy, if it is not there, then in the active phase of the study. ready for the birth parents crumbs all matters - as a mom is to swaddle the baby, how long to breastfeed, whether or not to give the baby a pacifier and others.
  • parents in advance are not guided by personal needs and the needs of their future remains. They are willing to adjust their lives to the needs and interests of the kid - completely change the way of life, a mode of habit.
  • absence of any doubt. Ready to birth the baby's parents do not doubt - whether they need a child not to be difficult to raise him, not hurt if the baby opens up prospects.They are ready and everything.And nothing can convince them otherwise.
  • news about pregnancy the parents perceive exclusively with joy.
  • desire - to have a baby - there consciously, at the call of the maternal instinct. But because "lonely and have no one to exchange a word," "so it should be, just married" or "may be adjusted life with her husband."
  • between husband and wife are no psychological problems, barriers and misunderstandings. Married 81220-7 relationship - mature, time-tested, and the decision - one for two, conscious on both sides.
  • When dealing with other people's children a woman is experiencing pleasure, the tide of tenderness and a small "prick" of envy in the heart .Coddle nephews (children of friends and so on.), It does not feel irritation - she feels that her time has come to give birth.
  • for parents does not matter next floor crumbs and features of the exterior. Because they are ready to love anyone.
  • future parents do not rely on outside help - they rely only on themselves.
  • husband and wife are no longer drawn to the "adventure" in the clubs and on the "party." They are willing to give up travel, night get-togethers with friends, dangerous hobby.
  • woman is focused exclusively on one of "their" man. It does not allow thoughts that can give birth to her baby is not her husband.
  • mental balance and emotional stability. woman is not in a state of constant stress and depression 77911591_11315490977_xwidth300.It is psychologically balanced people able to soberly assess the situation and quickly resolve problems.She goes out of himself at the slightest provocation, not satisfied "showdown" on level ground, not in the habit of scandals.This also applies to the future pope.
  • woman is confident that her health will be enough to give birth to a beautiful healthy baby. We are talking about confidence, and not on health.It is a kind of mental attitude to positive, in spite of everything.As well as a clear understanding that health should be enough not only for pregnancy, but also to raise the baby - with sleepless nights, zataskivaniem stroller on your floor, a state of constant lack of sleep, movement, etc..
  • right attitude to maternity (paternity). Prospective parents belong to the notion of "family" adequately.
  • Prospective parents are ready to take over full responsibility for the life of a small defenseless man.

you ready for all items?Let the luck accompanies you, and never leave the faith in their own strength.

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