Stylish and beautiful hairstyles for prom 2014 for girls - long, medium and short hair

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18 March 2016

Graduation Ball - this is a very important event in the life of any human being, let alone a girl.On this day, every graduate wants to look stunning and memorable.Fashion trends of 2014 to a variety of hairstyles for prom - from simple, careless curls falling down, and up to the most incredible braids and packings.

On what to choose?

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  • How to make the right selection of hairstyles at a graduation
  • stylish hairstyles for long hair for prom
  • Stylish hairstyles for prom medium length
  • best prom hairstyles for short hair

Asmake the right choices on prom hairstyles - three basic rules

to your hair had the desired effect, before looking to the prom hairstyles, you need to decide who you want to impress - on their girlfriends, teachers and parents, orthe same guys? Or maybe choose something that will appeal to all?

  1. First, choose a dress, hairstyle should be complementary way , and not in conflict with the dress.
  2. expresses his personality , if you want to feel
    at prom confident and comfortable, try not to change their habits.For example, if in real life you would prefer not to be painted, it is meaningless to the prom emulate socialite.
  3. not have to fight with the structure of the hair, it is better to make it to their advantage.If you have beautiful curly hair, you do not need to consider supercomplex hairstyles for prom hair, beautiful will look casually pinned hair.

stylish hairstyles for long hair for prom

of beautiful long hair dreams of every girl, because to them any hairstyle looks great.At the height of fashion is now slightly wavy freely falling down on his shoulders loose hair.If you - happy owner of long hair, you can do any fancy hairstyles for prom on their own, or - enlisted the help of mothers, sisters or girlfriends.

So, dear graduates, that's the best on prom hairstyles for long hair, and tips, combined with how they will look best.


  • sloppy bun. This hairstyle is not only beneficial to accentuate all of your dignity, and in a few hours is not spoiled, do not move out.These hairstyles for prom to school, excellently combined with strapless dresses, elegant emphasize cleavage.For a suitable hairstyle curly or wavy hair slightly.If your hair is completely straight, they should be a little curl.Hair length may not be very long, but be sure to reach the shoulders.
  • stabbed strands of hair behind. Men like flowing hair, but many women do not want to come to a ceremony with her hair, so this option is ideally suited to them.It is noteworthy that those hairstyles for prom can afford a girl with hair of any length and texture, besides they can diversify the original artificial strands.Stab rear locks will look great in combination with a strapless dress and suit girls who prefer the classic style.
  • braids of various kinds. To date, the most beautiful hairstyles for prom - a scythe in one form or another.Because of its simplicity and at the same time noble, they are ideal for any girls looks.You can opt for the outlet of several braids, braid a braid and put the rim or else build a romantic original design of braids and curls.So hairstyles will prefer romantic, sports and romantic person.

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Stylish hairstyles for prom

medium length hair to his shoulders, that is, the average length - is most common hairstyle among schoolgirls .On ordinary days, it can be worn as a haircut, but at the celebrations - shells, beams, tails, babetki unusual asymmetrical styling, braids ...

Most of evening hairstyles available to girls it with such long hair.So, what hairstyles for prom will be best to look on the hair of medium length?

  • Splayed hair. This hairstyle will suit girls who go in everyday life with a tail.Particularly impressive this hairstyle will look on thick well-groomed hair, and they must reach the upper edge of the dress, but otherwise, this hair will be full of you.
  • can supplement their artificial hair , and inject or they weave a beautiful flower or a ribbon to match the dress.

hairstyles for prom hair will look perfect on hair of any length .It should be noted that girls with a strict upbringing is better to prefer a more classic hairstyle.Curls will look superb with any dress, any style and style.


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best prom hairstyles for short hair - tips from stylists

Who said that the release of the ball is required to have all the girls to have long hair?With proper selection of dresses, makeup and jewelry haircuts even the shortest hair will look luxurious.

  • very simple way out - take the hairpin, which wear in everyday life, and attach the pretty flower or other decorative details (maybe you like the butterfly or the cute pink bows).Originally will look like if you buy a shred tone organza dresses and produce a classic bow.A few tips that will look even more luxurious, if you have thin and delicate facial features, it is best to opt for a modest Fine jewelry, including barrette .Big bow can ruin the fragile image and disrupt the whole image.
  • If you, on the contrary, large face, the big hair must be removed from the face using hoop , for example.By the way, hoops of all kinds and colors is now at the peak of popularity, so do not deny yourself the pleasure to make your look more feminine.


We examined only some of the most simple, and at the same time - chic hairstyles for prom, you can do even at home without spending a lot of money for the services of a hairdresser and stylist.

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