Payments to low-income families in 2014 in Russia - what documents are needed for registration of benefits to low income families ?

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16 March 2016

In our country there are families who are under the law can be considered low-income.They can get the official status of the poor and on this basis have the right to a number of benefits.

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for children living in low-income families, there are also benefits.

Benefits low-income families in 2014 in Russia

content of the article:

  • What families are included in the category of low-income?
  • How to get benefits to poor families - documents
  • subsidies for children from poor families

What families are included in the category of low-income?

family can expect to receive the status of low-income if it average income does not exceed the subsistence level , set in the region of the country.The median income is considered to be based on one member of the family.

Counting is done by dividing the total income of the family by the number of family members .The gross income includes all cash payments received by a given family.

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Families are ranked as poor, can be:

  • incomplete if one parent raising a child;
  • complete when there are two parents;
  • many children.

everywhere for poor families there subsidy for housing and communal services .When you assign privileges to such families focuses on child benefits.

Benefits low-income families in 2014 in Russia

State benefits to poor families - how to get them?

Help families from the state may be provided regularly , or be lump .

In most cases, the family is recognized couple with children .Separately considered options when grandparents are raising children or grandmother, is the guardian.If the parents of the children are not officially registered their marriage, they can not qualify for assistance from the state.

Benefits for low-income households are divided into regional and federal.

to federal benefits include:

  • exemption from income tax;
  • social scholarships for students in high schools;
  • non-competitive admission to the institute for children whose parents - invalids of the first group.

status gives poor families entitled to the following regional benefits:

  • monthly subsidy per child;
  • targeting of social assistance;
  • benefits of rent.

monthly child subsidy amount varies according to the different categories of poor families.

receives it:

  • single mothers;
  • families with one or two children, and both parents;
  • large families;
  • military families.

Financial assistance targeted given once a month, not more.The size of its regional authorities set.Amounts in excess of a certain minimum lump sum is paid to poor families only under tragic circumstances - for example, the sudden death of one of the relatives.

size of benefits for housing and utilities services depends on the level of income, which has a particular family.

to assign the status of a needy family need to collect and submit to the authorities of social protection voluminous documents and statement.

list of required documents is as follows:

  1. original and copy of the passport of a person who is engaged in registration of subsidies;
  2. originals and copies of passports of all family members, as well as all the evidence - on conclusion or dissolution of marriage, birth, possession of real estate;
  3. certificate from the passport of family members.If someone in the family has a different address official registration certificate and a better stock up there.The validity of these certificates is one month;
  4. also need to provide a certificate that the person at another location does not receive similar benefits;
  5. statement of earnings for the three months of employment of all employees of the family.It should be clarified in advance of the committee, what form should this certificate as the standard form of personal income tax in this case is not suitable;
  6. when one of the parents does not work, it must register with the Employment Service and take there an income statement;
  7. copy of the first page of the passbook and the very human book, designed subsidies.

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Besides the status disadvantaged families also need to be engaged design of each type of benefit .This will require almost the same documents.

Benefits low-income families in 2014 in Russia

subsidies for children from poor families

In the coming year, the state provides the following subsidies for children from poor families:

  1. free meals for children up to the age of two. with the provision of this benefit is received, depending on the average monthly income per family member, taken in the last six months;
  2. free infant formula in the presence of a family of three or more children .The per capita income thus does not matter;
  3. subsidies for children with disabilities, children of military , called up for military action installed on 70 percent higher than normal children's allowances;
  4. benefits for single mothers , with young children.Until children reach 18 months of age, they get increased by 75 per cent allowance.Next - the usual;
  5. higher amount of subsidy children have a mother bringing up children on their own, students under the age of 18 years.

There are also financial state support for HIV-infected children .Parents who care for these children as well as children with disabilities rely subsidies.

addition to the above, for children from low-income families in the current year, provided the following assistance :

  • free school meals;
  • compensation costs when buying a tracksuit and school uniforms;
  • subsidies for travel in public transport;
  • able to use the kitchen for breast feeding babies up to three years;
  • privileges for admission to the university;
  • subsidies for the purchase of products.

The value of child benefit depends on the age of the children. lump birth grant non-working parents.

Families with low incomes can detail figure in the Social Protection Committee , what benefits they are entitled under the law, and what kind of help they can expect.