Fashionable women's suits in 2014 - for the most stylish women

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19 March 2016

universal thing that allows you to avoid the issue, "a top and a bottom."Even women love overalls female summer 2014 for "decent" playfulness, some sports and convenience.

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rompers 2014 women- photo 2014 summer overalls

rompers 2014 every day involve the use of natural fabrics like cotton, satin and silk.Lightweight and breathable, thanks to their shape, they can be "decent" short.

series of colorful in-store pick deep shades of green, blue, coffee and red .

drawn to bright prints?Then choose voluminous prints in the shape of flowers, animals and characters .If you close the small image, then look at the overalls in 2014 polka dot, flower, animal-print, or asterisks. At least, such models are already represented in the fashion stores in Europe.

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If we talk about actual invoice overalls summer 2014 , something that is not present.This garment is designed to hide flaws and highlight the advantages, so the texture should be selected according to the type of your figure.

example, soft tissue conceals awkwardness skinny girls and emphasizes the benefit of full roundness. hard cloth gives precise form required chubby girl, and emphasizes the slender thin line.

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question also is how thin or transparent to be the fabric.To plump ladies need a well flowing opaque fabric , and for thin, you can choose a more transparent matter.So dense cotton or silk kottonovy - you decide.

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Pay attention to summer 2014 fashion overalls made of jeans .Especially erotic model recognized denim overalls mini bustier.

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Fashion Evening overalls 2014 - elegance and sophistication in women's evening jumpsuits 2014

Yes, fashion jumpsuit 2014 can perfectly cope with the role of an evening dress.Lavishly decorated stones, sequins, rhinestones or feathers, it has the same attractive, sexy, and, of course, originality.

for glamorous gatherings can choose black suit with sequins , like Emilio Pucci.


to visit friends put snow-white satin with stars, like Marc By Marc Jacobs.

Well, to be the star of the party, boldly wear evening jumpsuit 2014 sequins deep shade .

What you should pay attention, trying on suit - because it is on the shoes.For evening heel is a must, at the time, both in daily wear shoes you can restrict on a convenient platform.

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But it is not necessary to combine the suit with thin flat sole, if your height is less than 175 cm. This ratio is unprofitable teach your original image, turning it more into the category of sports rather than seductive.

Women's fashion suits 2014 fall and winter - what a cold welcome?

Perhaps the brightest discovery of the coming year will jumpsuit with features outerwear .It was warm, comfortable and resistant to bad weather.The idea has long sought incarnation, because everyone is familiar with the harsh winter wind blows out of the back and the inability to wear a sweater under a short coat is blown.

Look - leather jumpsuit women 2014 from Loewe, resembling, not black leather jackets, not the business suit.
original collection of Chapurin , executed in black and coffee colors are also surprises with its geometric and simple.
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