The main types of dress code - important rules of women's clothing at Dress Code Formal, Cocktail, Casual, Business

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20 March 2016

severe hearing the word "dress code", all restrictions on the recall.However, this in itself is not a limitation, but rather a form of clothing in which you feel comfortable at a particular event.

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about what can and what can not be in different kinds of dress code, see below.

content of the article:

  • Four groups dress code
  • Rules Formal dress code for women
  • Types dress code Cocktail
  • Requirements Casual dress code in women's clothing
  • Terms of women's clothing in the Dress-upcode Business

Four groups dress code - a dress code corresponds to a particular event?

  • Formal suitable for special occasions such as diplomatic reception, prom, dinner party, corporate event or wedding.It is considered the strictest dress code that does not tolerate mixing with other styles, just as classic boats do not accept golf.

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  • Dress Code Business used for business activities, such as - meetings with partners or offi
    cial receptions strict nature.This style is considered one of the most popular in the industry of business clothes.


  • Cocktail-style can be seen on the evening of informal get-togethers and entertainment events.Despite the apparent freedom in the women's dress code cocktail has its limitations, which you can read below.


  • Casual used for daily life and different from the previous high level of comfort and the absence of restrictions.Follow the dress code is casual easy, so it is possible to observe at any time off or work with the minimum requirements of the dress code.


Rules Formal dress code for women - kind of dress code formal

  • dress code is "white butterfly" has a corresponding second name - White tie . This name comes from the important accessories for celebrations - white tie as a butterfly.According to etiquette dress code women dress up in ball gowns of expensive fabrics, and dress length should be above the ankle, neck covered and no jewelry.


  • Another type of formal dress code - Black tie .No some exotic footwear - only classic monochrome versions.You can choose a beautiful evening or cocktail dress, coat, pet jewelry and watches.You can not wear boots or a hat.



  • Rules dress code Full formal are: evening dress or tailored clothes, shoes.Not allowed sandals or extravagant jewelry.


  • Formal dress code like Black Tie Invited includes elements of pure Black tie, for example, it is desirable to be a man in a tuxedo, and the lady - in long evening or cocktail dress, suit.This style is suitable for high-level corporate banquets.

  • Black Tie Optional allows you to change to a more comfortable tuxedo suit, and instead dresses to wear a skirt with a blouse.


  • With Creative Black Tie you can dream up!For example, wear a tuxedo with a bright jacket or the original tie.Or pick up a ball gown ethnic accessory.


Types dress code Cocktail - rules for women's clothing for dress code cocktail

  • Semi-formal allows men to wear a suit, after 18 - dark color, and women cocktail dress of any length.
  • Dress Code Cocktail Attire (jewelery) is usually asked in invitations to social events.In this case damynadevayut cocktail dresses to the knee, suits with skirts or trousers.
  • Run conditions After Five easy because any suitable cocktail dress / suit.
  • The After 5 casual can use elegant designer clothes, do not wear a tie and wear revealing tops and alluring cocktail dresses.
  • Smart Casual allows even jeans, only classical, but not torn.Clothing itself is more dependent on the purpose of the party.

Requirements Casual dress code in women's clothing - complete freedom or restraint?

can not be answered unequivocally, because there are several types of dress code Casual, which differ in the restrictions:

  • C. Executive often hold managers, so they are close to subordinates, but still their clothesmore expensive, high-quality and unique.
  • S. mainstream suitable for work in a democratic chief.Skirts and shorts must not be too short.
  • S. baseline differs from the previous one, which allowed bright colors and lots of knitwear.

Terms of women's clothing in dress code Business - rigorous style and elegance of the dress code Business

Business dress code shows your wealth, prestige and status.It is used in meetings with potential partners or demonstration parties.


But do not think of it as something boring, there are different types - choose any!

  • B. Best - very solid.Always light suit, low "boat", white blouse and stockings.
  • B. Formal Traditional - is familiar costume stripe suits or plain versions.
  • B.Casual allows you to knit, but in general, the clothes should be low-key colors.
  • B. Smart expands the boundaries toward bright colors and stylish accessories.