Retro dress in the style of dudes - photos, stylish tips - how and to whom to wear?

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21 March 2016

Style "hipsters" was born in the USSR in the 50s.Hipsters aspired to the Western way of life, which, of course, is reflected in their style of dress.Since then a lot has changed, but the bright, extravagant and unusual dresses are still popular among girls.

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content of the article:

  • features retro-style dresses hipsters
  • what type of shape suitable dress in the style of mods?
  • Fashionable dresses style dandies of the season in 2014

features retro-style dresses hipsters - what distinguishes them from other styles?

In the mid 50s the fashion among mods included dresses of medium length (knee), with tight-fitting top and very bottom of a lush.


What other features of a style mods?

      • skirts. In order to give the splendor of the dress, the girls used Petticoats of crinoline.Sometimes one is not dressed petticoats, but several.It was considered the best option 3 Petticoat and more.It is also considered fashiona
        ble, if the color of dresses and petticoats contrasted.This adds together the brightness and extravagance.
      • Bright colors and textured fabrics. most important thing - the combination.The fabric can be monotonous, but it is certainly a bright bound to be!Combine silk, cotton, satin, velvet.All this will benefit your image.


      • pattern. most popular pattern on dresses in the style of mods - peas.However, there are options - rim, speck, small or large flowers.
      • cutout. cutout on the dress in the style of a boat can be hipsters, squares, triangles, or with a small collar.
      • sleeves. You can choose the sleeves, because their diversity rolls.Deflated sleeve, lanterns long sleeve classic, straps, three-quarter sleeves.There are also models without sleeves that add to your image of sexuality.

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what type of shape suitable dress in the style of mods - photo

girls with curvaceous , unfortunately, have to give up these dresses.However, those who have a slim figure, dress style is very suited dandies.

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But how to choose the style of dress for the type of shape?

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      • For ladies with figures a la "hourglassĀ» ideal option would dress with long sleeves or sleeveless all.This will help to focus on the upper body.Also note that if you wear a sleeveless dress, your full skirt should compensate the absence of the top.
      • Owners shape "pearĀ» should put greater Petticoats to hide bulky thighs.
      • If your figure - is "inverted triangleĀ», recommended to opt for a dress with a deflated shoulders and a fluffy skirt.This will create the illusion of proportionality silhouette.

Fashionable dresses style dandies of the season in 2014 - as well as what to wear retro dress style mods

Many believe that after purchasing the dress style dudes they are ready to go out and hitAll his clothes.But - without the right accessories and shoes this dress is subject to the usual wardrobe.

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So with what should wear this dress?

  • Massive decorations. The dress of the 50s there are large earrings, heavy bracelets, colorful plastic beads, large rings.All this will help to stand out from the crowd.
  • If you do not like beads, they can replace bright handkerchief.It really fit into the style mods.
  • Do not forget the hair ornaments. Obligatory attribute of each girl dudes a hoop.It can be replaced by a bright ribbon or a large barrette.Most importantly, the color of decorations combined with the color of the dress.
  • If you - the proud owner of a thin waist, is suggested to use a seat belt or a dress with a contrasting color.The best option would be if your handbag, shoes and belt will be the same color.
  • When choosing shoes there are no restrictions. most important thing - the sharp noses.Height and type of heel is up to you, but you must remember that the most elegant one in the 50s were pumps made of bright patent leather.
  • Also, do not forget the hat with broad sides that are at the peak of popularity even today.

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