Funny classification of marriage - so what kinds of marriages are?

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20 March 2016

Not all women can live in a fairy tale - in the castle with a handsome prince, who after twenty years will turn into a handsome gray-haired king.A girl could spend a lifetime with the swineherd, but live happily, one soul.The other will be at war with a bold knight.And the third will live with Emel lazy, and still remain Nesmeyanov.

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Yes, marriages are different - and this is what we talk about today.

Classification of marriages - the truth, in which there is some joke

  • sweet vanilla. Spouses believe that living together should bring only positive emotions.The motto of these pairs - "I feel good with you", "I love you and I can not live without you", "You - my sunshine."But it must be the sun and wash socks and cook borscht.A bunny need to provide for the family and indulge his wife.At the first family difficulties romantic desire to be together exhausted.And marriage, as we kno
    w, is not always just fun.And when the question arises: "Is it good to you with me still?" Romance more often answer "no" ... and miss.Crumbling their union.Alas, life together can not only consist of candy buketnogo period.


  • war. whole life - the struggle and fierce competition - the creed of such marriages.Every day - this battle.Spouses are constantly fighting for power, trying to find out who is the boss.They do not neglect any means to achieve their treacherous purposes.Of course, neither of which mutual understanding between the partners in such a situation can not be considered.The result is an unhappy family, angry and violent spouses, children and harried.After growing in field conditions it is very difficult. See also: Who is in charge in the family - a man or a woman?


  • Partnership. Today youth is this type of relationship in marriage is becoming the most popular.When it husband and wife voluntarily shared responsibilities all household work and other troubles of life together.They share the responsibility for decision-making.The disadvantage of this marriage that is too rare a full partnership.In most cases, there is still a certain bias.The wife takes a leading position in the family, the husband.So it turns out that there is no real partnership as there are no fairy tales in reality.


  • Nahlebnichestvo. One spouse sits on the neck of the other.For example, the wife of her husband pulls feeds or alcoholic.It does not throw, but suffers from such a relationship.Or is the formal head of the husband, but no responsibility for the family, he does not carry.He did not even participate in making important decisions, there is just next to the household and running. See also: What woman, if a man is lying on the couch and did not think to help?


  • Shark and fish from sticking. wife or husband is gradually taking on the role of the powerful leader, and the other spouse can only adapt.So it turns out that someone becomes a menacing shark, which can not contradict, and some shifty and cunning fish-hangers.Basically, this is an example of ancient patriarchal family where the father and feared throughout to please him.But times are changing and customs.Thankfully, by the way.


  • Independence - the main characteristic of the following type of marriage.Spouses are afraid of losing their freedom and being in legal relations remain strangers to each other.In fact - it is just living in the same territory.Over time, the feelings die away, and the spouse or a divorce is necessary, or to live as neighbors.


  • fabulous relationship happen in harmonious marriage.When a husband and wife voluntarily agree with the selected role, try to live with each other and for each other.In such a relationship often have perebaryvat themselves for the good of the whole family.But the result is worth it.The result - a good attitude and love in marriage.


Family relationships often kills the life, the monotony.For many years, carried out with one and the same person, make it not interesting, boring, disgusting and even harmful as a basket of toadstools.

much to rid yourself of these effects are solved on unusual types of marriages.

  • trial marriage - a civil marriage in our understanding of a clearly defined framework, after which, for example, Sasha and Masha, decide will they live together or not.


  • to her husband for a visit. Territorial marriage or a guest.The couple painted, but live in different houses.Not necessarily for financial reasons. Perhaps they are simply afraid to share their living space with a spouse or want to feel free.However, if in such a marriage a child is born, he is living with his mother and father comes to visit them.


  • new view - a virtual marriage. People can live in various parts of the world and consider themselves a family.Joint life passes them on the Internet, in the social.networks and other communicators.Specific sites may even issue a marriage certificate.However, no legal force they have.


How many people, so many kinds of marriages.All people are unique, and the pair formed an alliance are always inimitable, like no other in the whole world.

And what kind of marriage you have formed, and whether it is your idea of ​​the perfect marriage?Share your stories in the comments below!