Trends manicure 2014 - 2014 photo of a beautiful manicure for your fingers

By Admin | Fashion
21 March 2016

Every modern woman is obliged to keep track of your nails and the fact that her manicure match the fashion trends of the season.If you have the perfect make-up, hairstyle and fashionable clothes and hands neuhozheny, we can assume that all of your efforts down the tube.What a manicure today recognized as the most fashionable?

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  • Fashionable nail shape in 2014
  • Trendy Nail Colors 2014
  • Bright manicure 2014
  • Trendy French manicure 2014
  • Fashion Nails-style "Ombre" in 2014
  • Fashion Nails-style «caviar»

Fashionable nail shape in 2014

Many people do not think about the fact that you need on a weekly basis, if not daily, adjust the shape of the nails.


But it should be noted that this year there are special conditions when choosing a form of nails:

  • Avoid pointy shape. It is not in vogue, and people usually repel sharp claws.
  • If the total length of the nail more than 1.5 cm, then they should b
    e trimmed and neatly sawed, as the almond-shaped nails is suitable only girls with nails not more than 2 cm.


  • IfYou alone give shape to your nails , it should be remembered that the shape of the nail plate should have a perfect oval.
  • Twice a week, be sure to make bath salt polish, to nails were always neat and tidy, and the nail plate was healthy. See also: Best homemade ways to get rid of yellow nails - How to whiten nails at home?


  • If you have long nails square shape, you can simply sawed corners to get an oval shape.It is not necessary to part with long fingernails.

fashion nail colors in 2014

Do not forget that the color - the foundation of any manicure.What colors of nail relevant in 2014?


  • This season is very popular natural shades of varnish: pale pink, beige, cream, light blue, light gray, white and light green.
  • If you are using color data , what kind of lacquer is not really matter.You can make up nails matte, gloss or pearlescent paint - whatever will look great.


  • If you are bored with warm and unobtrusive shades, then pay attention to the red nail polish.Most importantly, the nail color in harmony with the color of lipstick.
  • also came into vogue metallic color. It has many shades, but it looks more favorably on marigold length of 1.2 cm.


  • Pearl shades also won a place in the hearts of a lot of girls. Sparkling particles in the composition of varnishes looks perfect in the sun and are suitable for almost all outfits.


  • Well, if you wanted to experiment , you can paint your nails in red, blue, black or pale yellow.These colors are very fashionable in 2014, however, are not suitable for all outfits.


  • Do not forget that if you use bright nail polish should abandon the jewelry on the hands - it will look tasteless and even vulgar.

Bright manicure in 2014

If you think about the girls who dream stand out from the crowd - for you have great news: the 2014 fashionable bright shades of lacquer.

And the palette of paints designed not only for the young damsels, but also for women in advanced age.


  • This season, you can use these shades like yellow, bright green, purple, blue, orange.
  • colors can be combined with each other. example, lovers of the classics - French manicure, with the replacement of white lacquer yellow or blue.
  • Do not forget the pictures on nails - a combination of blue and yellow, you get a very effective manicure.


  • to not look tasteless, use the color polish, perfect your outfit, make-up and hair color.

Stylish French manicure in 2014

French manicure has long been out of fashion.Today, this season he did not stay on the sidelines, so more and more fashionistas yourselves adaptations for french manicure.

So what can we expect from the new classics this year?


  • worth outset that the French manicure is now not only in white and beige, but with bright colors.This manicure is suitable for women of all ages.
  • Multicolor jacket will emphasize your creativity and uniqueness. When you create a manicure can be used several colors of nail polish.


  • Avoid decorating all sorts of patterns, sequins, rhinestones - all this "cheap" manicure.


  • If you want to do a French manicure yourself, then you have to bring to perfection the shape of the nail.French does not tolerate negligence.

Fashion Nails-style "Ombre" in 2014

last two years very popular manicure with "Ombre effect."This can be done in a manicure salon and at home.

What we will present a special "Ombre" this year?


  • Manicure with "effect Ombre» made of five colors of lacquer blends perfectly with each other. When you create a manicure at home, make sure that the manufacturer of lacquers was the same.Otherwise, you will face the same problem as inconsistencies compositions.Incompatibility varnishes - it spoiled manicure.


  • Lucky is not applied with a brush, and spetsialnymsponzhikom (it can be purchased in a beauty shop).It is advisable to first apply to the skin around the nail nourishing cream and fat to remove excess paint was easier.


  • to daily activities is not spoiled your gorgeous manicure, applied over colored varnish colorless - it will help keep the cover "Ombre" for a longer period.
  • Manicure with "effect Ombre» - a great option for owners of medium-length nails, as this shift colors creates the illusion of long nails and adds handles gracefully.

Fashion Nails-style «caviar» 2014

When translating words «caviar» in Russian, you can get the phrase "caviar."Indeed, small beads used in this type of manicure, resemble the fish spawn.

What features manicure style «caviar»?


  • For this manicure uses special small beads. Do not think that they can only be black - not at all!Today in cosmetic stores can naytiogromnoe variety of shapes and colors. Very impressive looks the manicure, if you use colored beads and metallic acid balls.


  • There are also "hairy" beads, are covered fibers.With these beads should be careful to make daily tasks, as they quickly lose their marketability, if you wash the dishes and wash without gloves.


  • To beads on the nails well-kept, you should put on two coats of nail polish usual, and then, until the varnish has dried, attach the beads.At the same time, make sure that the distance between "the eggs" was minimal.