10 Places where the husband can hide stash from his wife - so where to look for her husband's stash?

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21 March 2016

need for savings is available for most of the population of our compatriots.Each family - on their needs.And a quarter of them (according to statistics) lay denyuzhku reserve than new furniture or multivarku, but simply "make it."You never know.And this situation is not surprising - Russian monetary stability is never spoiled.And, besides, do nest egg - it's almost a national tradition.Lies himself such a stash (albeit modest) under the mattress and heart warming.My husband is usually warm.Because women in the habit of "hide a money reserve" less likely.

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This talk: where usually husbands are hiding their money, why they need it, and how to deal with a sudden found in the depths of the apartment nest egg ?

Where to look for her husband

content of the article:

  • Why does the husband nest egg from his wife?
  • 10 best places to stash her husband
  • found a stash - what to do?

Why does the husband nest egg from his wife - the main reaso

- What are you - should someone money?
- No, what are you, my dear!
- Mistress?
- No way!
- Why then stash?
- I'm sorry.Habit ...

Dialogues, akin to this - not an anecdote, but very real story , which happens to many couples.Sooner or later, every second wife is at home unrecorded "Klondike" and asks himself (and sometimes just my husband) the main question - why?

So why strong floor nest egg?

Where to look for her husband

understand the reasons ...

  • his mistress. most ludicrous is probably an option, but has the right to life.Although, in fact, a man who can afford a mistress (and it costs a lot), stash do not need - the money should be enough for all, and without the "wood" in his socks on the mezzanine.
  • on their male joy (for fishing, cars, gadgets, etc.).That is, for all that his wife often considered a waste of money.At the time the money is not going to - goodbye, the new spinning, cue or audio system.Men - they are like children, and each child put their own "baby" piggy bank.
  • on female pleasure. for us, beloved.For example, the spouse to have enough for a gift, or an unexpected surprise trip.Or to suddenly pay a handbag that was "so cool, so cool - only 10 thousand, want, want, want, well, please."
  • in case of emergency. all happens in life.Sometimes money is urgently needed for medical treatment to repair the kitchen, flooded neighbors above, an urgent session of "relaxation" for the spouse in the beauty salon, to repair the vehicle, fines and other traffic cop.
  • just a habit.
  • for large purchases.
  • kind of "rear".It's nice because aware that any emergency is already insured.
  • to his wife did not control all the income / expenses. That is, from the harmfulness and the principle, in spite of his wife-saw.
  • gold reserve for future children.
  • because his wife - spender.
  • for long (or maintenance).

As we can see, unrecorded assets of the spouse, in most cases, flow in the direction called "the family budget." And the lack of a nest egg (financial safety net) for a man worse than a detective intelligence activities of his wife, followed by scandal and withdrawal of funds.

Especially when finances at home in charge of the wife (well, not the man to give everything).

Where to look for her husband

10 best places to stash her husband - so where the husband can hide the stash from his wife?

Today it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel.To nest egg, you can open a dozen bank cards and translate them all finances from "shabashek" podrabotok, bonuses and so on. But with cash more difficult ... We have to show the wonders of ingenuity.Where usually hides stash the stronger sex?

most popular hiding places:

  • bottom of the toilet tank (money previously tightly packed).
  • Books.Just between pages or book pages cut in the right "hole."In "Capital" can not look (too known cache).
  • Under mirrors and paintings.Separate "cunning" in the absence of women even manage to place the boxes in the walls under the wallpaper.Another option - on the balcony, under one of the pulling bricks.
  • in the vents.
  • In bowl. For example, in my grandmother's unfashionable sugar bowl, which stands in the corner of the cupboard for a decade.
  • Under the parquet skirting, tile, eaves.
  • At the bottom of the aquarium , between the stones, with the reliable sealing.
  • in toys nursery. For example, in a large teddy bear on the cabinet, from which the annual shake off dust.
  • in the box from the chemical agent , which spouse will not climb as unnecessary.
  • The computer system unit.

And in Christmas toys, tool boxes, in an old mobile phone or player, the barrel shotgun in the junction box and so on. In general, wherever the "female logic" never finds itself apowdered nose.

H about the safest place today is the Bank .Open a debit card - it 10 minutes.And it will be extremely difficult to look.Especially if several cards.

Where to look for her husband

nest egg you've found a husband - what to do?

What to do if you accidentally (or not so accidentally) came across her husband's treasury?

options, in fact, not so much:

  • Pick silence. on the Rights wife, who in the old coat has 2nd year goes.If you will ask "Are there yet, dear, anything unusual?" - Say that his plump roll of bills thousandths, which is not enough even for men boots, eyes have never seen and for what.
  • took it. And that does not torment the conscience, a scandal - "How could you, a parasite!I believe you so! ".
  • pick up perepryatat and just watch the reaction. It can be very funny.
  • to pretend that you did not notice his stash , and start on your own bookshelf "Capital".In retaliation.
  • not touch, but rebel his disbelief - and, of course, a scandal for dinner.
  • Calculate and back where it was. Let him think that he - the most cunning.
  • Add the same amount and watch the reaction.

Where to look for her husband

But if without jokes, what about her husband and his stashes should remember the following ...

  • The money he could save you on a surprise or a gift .Unlikely to family happiness will benefit if you stash ekspropriiruete, and even scandal sunset.
  • This money may belong to another person. For example, someone asked to save, or self husband anyone should.Again, this is not a cause for scandal.Once you about it did not say anything - then cherish your nervous system.
  • course, if the husband works seven days a week, Jr. wears his elder, refrigerator empty and husband blatantly satisfied "caches" for his pleasure - an occasion to upset .And often - even divorce.
  • woman who trusts her husband will never ask - "why do you stash» .And she was looking for her, too, will not.Because if this hypothetical stash is, then he needs it.And breaks into this private space is not necessary (the joys of this to anyone just do not bring).
  • No need to bring the relationship to the point where begins total control not only over the income / expenses of her husband, but his every action.Such surveillance - not even a bell and alarm about a hole in a family boat.The harder you squeeze the grip of control over her husband, the more he will seek independence and freedom from you.
  • wise woman will never take money found and remind them to her husband.

naive and short-sighted to think that the man in the family is not entitled to their own deferred money.Do not ask the wife the same each time with new lures, on the road, lunch at the cafe and so forth. For men it is humiliating.

The same situation with their wives. Get his secret piggy bank and forget about her husband's. Surely you too fun little - to beg her husband for the new underwear, it is in regular shoes.

Has your family life like the situation with the nest egg of her husband?And as you come out of them?Share your stories in the comments below!