14 signs of psychological domestic violence against women - how to avoid becoming a victim?

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21 March 2016

Life with a tyrant marred by many serious consequences.The main of which - the destruction of the individual victim.Despots like maniacs, slowly and surely kill self-esteem of man.

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Psychological violence against women in the family

Domestic violence happens:

  • Psychological - suppression of the individual.
  • sexuality. example, forced intimacy against the woman's will.
  • Economic - the manipulation of money.
  • and final stage - a physical violence .

woman often can not admit to herself that she was a victim of domestic violence .Therefore, even at a reception at the psychologist, the doctor has to explain and convince the patient of reality.

Psychological violence against women in the family

home Portrait of a despot - how to rip off his mask?

despot can not and does not want to let go of its prey. These relationships are vital to him , because he feels comfortable in this position.He's a self-fulfilling that way.For example, a man fails in the work does not enjoy authori

ty among others, and it makes up for this deficiency by his wife.

Or husband can not give up complete control over his wife .His tormented jealousy.And if he was "let go the reins," that will feel slighted.

Anyway tyrant has low self-esteem , which makes up for the expense of short-range environment.He can be awfully nice person to strangers and unfamiliar people.His family can love and do not understand who is hiding under that mask.

complicates the situation by the fact that the man not always shows its worse .He is equally good and bad.The husband takes care, affection toward his wife with him a pleasure to talk to individual threads.

This duality prevents the victim to understand the situation in which it is located. This feature is typical for families of alcoholics, players and people suffering from other addictions.

Signs of psychological violence against women in the family - how to recognize abuse and avoid becoming a victim?

  • Direct verbal aggression. Insulting remarks about his wife.The humiliation of it in public and in private.
  • contempt. clear disrespect to the statement of its point of view at every opportunity.The husband does not respect the creative work, the work of his wife, and all that she does.
  • Taunts, jeers and insults
  • Using clerk arrogant tone
  • constant and inexhaustible criticism
  • Bullying.Including threats to kidnap children and do not give a kind that
  • strong and unreasonable jealousy
  • Ignoring feelings wife
  • man does not consider the opinion of his wife
  • husband endangers spouse. causes her to be in such an environment, at risk the health and lives
  • imposes a ban on insults
  • not allowed to use the phone
  • accused of their own failures
  • Tiran fully controls the life of the victim or approachesthis. Only he can take decisions in the life of both of them.So the husband can force his wife to provide a whole family, or vice versa does not allow her to work.Just despot may impose a ban on leaving the house without his consent, and an adult woman should just ask permission for all their actions.

heal or escape from domestic violence very difficult.Firstly, because to blame the two sides - as a tyrant, and the victim .After all, it allows you to get up with that.

strongly exacerbate the problem of "helpers" or "saviorsĀ» , who want to help a woman escape from slavery.But their actions do not give results.Because the wife has to find the strength to fight back, and the tyrant - only in this case it will be able to let her go.A savior deprives it of the opportunity.Woman becomes more infantile and soft.Once it seemed to save, she returns to her tormentor, because it is not born a sense of confrontation and obedience in his heart already raised.

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Psychological violence against women in the family

mechanism of domestic violence

  • First comes the psychological attack . constant criticism sooner or later reduced to the level of self-limiting.Undermined faith in yourself.
  • then laid guilt. After the victim began to doubt in their abilities and the correctness of his actions, the tyrant makes her feel worthless and immensely guilty before him a woman.After all, he teaches her, tormented her.
  • substitution of ideals and scrapped person . Despot lays a new model of life.He says what is good and what is bad.A victim discouraged criticism and attacks, agrees because it is already and do not know where the truth is.This man tries to snatch it out of the circle of people who can sober up her mind.Thereby providing its full invincibility and maintain control over the victim.A woman stops to chat with relatives or limit communication with them and throws her friends.The tyrant is for her new friends.Only with them it is permitted to communicate.

Psychological violence against women in the family

And like all well and logically justified.But some spiritual discomfort inside haunted woman.It is a gut feeling that it was not her. All is not present, plastic - and recover on their own, it can not.Because of the contrast between the sense of self and reality often have psychological disease that not infrequently lead to suicide.

Should I sacrifice my life personality and even beloved person?hardly!Domestic violence comes to family life unnoticed and remain for a long time. It destroys relations between spouses and injure the psyche of children. And - virtually all cases of moral violence end beatings.

Know the main signs of incipient mental violence, to avoid becoming a victim. And if you have already started it, then do not hesitate and do not be afraid seek professional help .

What would you advise a woman who is subjected to psychological violence in the family?Tell us your opinion on this issue!