Models poncho for the fall and winter - fur, knitted, leather, fabric;

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22 March 2016

The most fashionable poncho for the fall 2013 Poncho - thing, without which it is impossible to imagine the modern fashionista wardrobe in the autumn-winter season 2013-2014.Because of its free cut, this garment is perfect for women with different types of figures.After reading this article, you'll learn which models poncho fashion autumn 2013.

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  • Recent models poncho, photo
  • From what to wear ponchos - tips for fashionistas

Poncho for autumnand winter - current models poncho, photo

If twenty years ago the poncho is a conventional box with a cut for the head, but this season designers offer variety of forms, textures and models .Therefore, every self-respecting fashionista simply must have in your wardrobe this stylish thing.Especially that fashion designers offer a variety of options and the neck cuts, pockets, hoods, fastener holes for arms, collars, different lengths, cut and material.All this allows you to select the model that is perfect for you.
The most fashionable poncho for the fall 2013
The most fashionable poncho for the fall 2013
The most fashionable poncho for the fall 2013

From the classic model fashion poncho took decoration of fringe and ethnic ornaments .On the catwalks of the world can see the model of only natural materials - such as suede, textiles (linen, denim, fleece, wool, tweed) .Especially popular are also knit poncho with a large viscous bulk berets and long gloves.They can be seen in the collections of famous designers such as Marni, Salvatore Ferragamo, Temperley London, Vera Wang and others. A lover of needlework is crocheted poncho may well make their own.
The most fashionable poncho for the fall 2013
The most fashionable poncho for the fall 2013
Fashion ponchos 2013

hit of the autumn-winter season 2013-2014 are wool, leather and draped a poncho , with extended arms.A strong fur poncho will handicap any coat and warm on a cold winter day.
The most fashionable poncho for the fall 2013
The most fashionable poncho for the fall 2013
The most fashionable poncho for the fall 2013

As fashionable colors, the collections of famous designers dominated browns .However classic black, white, gray and beige color can also be seen.There are models with pastel coloring: mint, pink, lilac and blue .

From what to wear ponchos - tips for fashionistas

Modern poncho - it's convenient and practical model of clothes.After all, it is perfect for a trip to a secular reception, and for walks in the park with friends.Besides, this type of clothing is always in fashion , therefore serve its owner more than one season.Poncho Woman doing extraordinarily attractive, but only if it is worn correctly, otherwise the risk to be similar to the bag.So what to wear ponchos?

  • Trousers . Long gone are the days when the poncho worn exclusively with jeans.Modern elegant models will look great with skinny pants.The ideal option for them would be knit poncho with a large viscous model of woolen cloth and with Mexican motifs.Equally well with the poncho look leggings, especially if they mimic the skin.But pants with flared from the hip to wear a poncho is not worth it, because your figure may seem disproportionate.
  • Skirts. By poncho ideal skirt with a minimum of decorative detail, as a cape attached to the top of the volume.Also poncho looks great with solid mini-skirts.This look will highlight the amazing beauty of your legs.Pretty stylish looks with a warm poncho skirt to the knee or slightly below.The ideal option for such an image will skirt "tulip" or "pencil".But trapezoidal and flared skirts are not the best choice.See: The most fashionable skirt autumn 2013.
  • Shoes. Whatever you put together with ponchos, pants or skirt, your legs will always attract attention.Therefore, the choice of shoes should be approached very carefully.Firstly it should visually make the legs longer, and secondly perfectly suited to your overall image.For tall girls ballet flats or loafers with ponchos will be an option, but below-average growth of women is better to wear shoes with heels.For knitted poncho perfectly suited high boots or ankle boots made of suede or leather.
  • Accessories. With Poncho is not recommended to wear jewelry such as large necklaces or pendants catchy.By the choice of scarves and scarves should also be approached with caution.The main thing that they blend in well with your poncho.In cold weather, ideal for a poncho will long gloves.