What's new in maternity capital in 2014 - the news of maternity capital in 2014

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23 March 2016

At occurrence of maternal capital in Russia was considered solely as an attempt to provoke a state population growth.It should be noted that the task has been achieved and the number of children in Russian families actually increased.

However, the mother's capital in 2014, as in previous years, is effective mechanism to support young families , who can look into the future of its long-awaited children.
New to the maternity capital in 2014

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  • Cancel whether maternity capital in 2014?
  • indexed maternity capital in 2014
  • Changes in maternity capital in 2014
  • What will remain unchanged in the mother's capital in 2014?

Families with one child left in the past, and the parents are seeking to increase their families are no longer chasing the hundreds of thousands, and the benefit of your own home .It should be noted that the maternity capital in this is very good.

Cancel maternity capital in 2014 - Fact or Fiction: real terms of maternity capital program

Very luckily all parents Russia - rumors that maternity capital canceled in 2014, turned out to be nothing more than a duck newspaper .The government is committed to continue to provide support to mothers raising two or more children.
New to the maternity capital in 2014
In 2007, when the program was launched to support mothers with two or more children, stipulates the terms of financial support until 2016 .As pointed out by the authorities, cancellation parent capital in 2014 - is pure fiction .

Currently maternity capital, the timing of the program which remains unchanged, can only increase the duration of action, lawmakers say.Considering the effective results of the program, power think, rather, on the extension of the federal program , but not its reduction.

In the six years of the program from high tribunes repeatedly mentioned the successful results that have been achieved, thanks to the financial assistance to parents. Demographics of Russia increased. program prompted the happy replenishment precisely those families who belong to the birth of a second baby, as a responsible step.
New to the maternity capital in 2014
It should be noted that there was a misconception that maternal capital in 2014 due to increasing volumes, will cause for uncontrolled demography .In other words - will provoke the birth rate in dysfunctional families, will be an occasion for adoption by unscrupulous parents expect from the replenishment of the family only material benefit.

past practice has shown that fraud and illegal cashing of the parent capital were , but responsibility for them was strict.

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Maternal capital - indexed 2014: how much will be the parent capital in 2014?

still worried about the state, the funds that make up the mother's capital in 2014, were not "eaten" by inflation.In view of the indexing in 2014, the second child will have happy parents capital of 429,408 rubles. Growth in allocations over the previous year is 5%.

In monetary terms, New Year's gift for the happy parents of second and subsequent children is more than 20 000 rubles .Indexation coefficient reached 1,5% .
New to the maternity capital in 2014
In this case, the indexation will be applied also to those families who have already partially cashed parent certificates. for the remainder of the amount will be credited per cent inflation compensation .

It should be noted that the mother's capital in 2014, the amount of which exceeds last year's impressive payout, indexed regularly .For example, in 2007 the volume of the parent capital of 250 000 rubles, and now his volume almost doubled .

Changes in maternity capital in 2014 - the latest news about the mother's capital in 2014

Meanwhile, the happy parents with the new addition to the family in 2014 can still expect some changes.

Maternal capital in 2014 be deprived of restrictions on the payment of the child's age .This legislative initiative is actively discussed recently in parliamentary circles.
New to the maternity capital in 2014
Presumably, the requirements prescribed save money intact until the child reaches 3 years of age , will be eliminated.This is done in order to improve the financial status of the families belonging to the middle class.

However, as evidenced by the news, the maternity capital in 2014 remains unchanged on the issue of liability persons illegally cashed government support .As before, the law is regarded as fraud, which entails responsibility as cashable authorities and the parents themselves.

What will remain unchanged in the mother's capital in 2014?

In general, the federal program to support motherhood largely proved its fundamental advantage, and yet s akonodateli do not intend to change its position .

Maternal capital changes in 2014 does not contain, and as cheerfully warn the authorities - implementation of the program this year will allow to predict whether the level of benefits to be increased by 2015. It is not just about inflation compensation as a substantial addition to the main volume .
New to the maternity capital in 2014

  • maternity capital still rely families (including - incomplete) when a second child .Similar funds are adoptive parents.
  • Goals, which can be sent to the capital, remain unchanged: improvement of housing conditions, retirement savings and obtaining parent toddler education .Still, the most popular destination of state is the solution of the housing problem for young families.
  • Since 2012 started the implementation of public policies to ensure affordable housing for the residents of Russia.Along with the growth of housing and the provision of affordable "per square meterĀ», increases the amount of maternity capital , allowing young families to provide for themselves and their children a roof over his head.