Top 10 ways to establish good relationships between fathers and children

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23 March 2016

proximity of mother and her crumbs is not even discussed.The child is inextricably linked with the mother during pregnancy and after.But the closeness of father and baby - not such a frequent phenomenon.As he carefully or wash diapers, whatever rocked bed before going to sleep, no matter how funny faces or built - still a child, he - only my mother's helper.And at one stage with his mother, he will stand still - oh, so not soon!Or maybe - and did not get up.And this depends on the closeness between father and baby on the parents themselves.

What can a mother to dad became important for the child and family man , and not just my mother's assistant?

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How to build a good relationship between fathers and children

  1. Most leave crumbs alone with Dad. course, not every dad would agree to change diapers and feed the baby, but occasionally must suddenly "get away on business" to the Pope an opportunity to feel their responsibility and take care of the child of the couple without prompting.And w
    ith responsibility and regular care that usually comes vzaimolyubov tender.
  2. Buy great massage ball - fitball - baby. Load dad duty - to do with the crumbs useful exercises .And the chubby little boy will be fun, and Dad will get a lot of positive emotions.
  3. If dad does not creep up work with the language on the shoulder and the evening is more or less free, hands him a stroller with a child - let the kid know that with my dad walking more fun and more interesting than my mother.
    How to build a good relationship between fathers and children
  4. in developing games is also possible to use the pope. Firstly, men - more calm and good teachers, and secondly, from the games with my dad kids get a lot more fun.Probably because my mother more severe in education, and the pope is easier to become a child and briefly some fun.Games let dad choose to your (and toddler) taste - the study of animals and their "speech" of colors, shapes, board games, construction, picking up puzzles and designer, and so forth.
  5. feeding should also be concern of both parents. kid should not think that delicious curds and pyureshki prepares exclusively mom.And even if so - Dad can cook a fun dessert of fruit that you can not just devour but to use for educational purposes (for example, figures of animals, fruit, fish, etc.).
  6. Pope should always talk to your baby. When he was still in tum, when he is so tiny that is placed almost on the palm of my father when he takes the first step and in general always.Kid gets used to my father's voice, recognizes him, she misses him.
    How to build a good relationship between fathers and children
  7. Pope should not be afraid to keep the baby in her arms. handing the child, leaving the hospital, handing after bathing, for laying in the crib and rocking at night, because "you need quickly in the bath" or "oh, milk runs."Physical contact is very important to bring together the father and crumbs.You can teach dad and baby massage.Especially as massage required for removal of tone, to eliminate intestinal colic, for relaxation and for colds.
  8. Pope Participation in swimming - definitely. Even if mom and she copes with a plus five, Dad's presence will become a tradition and the beginning of the strong relationship "between fathers and sons."After all, the pope - a reliable protection and solid fun.He can indulge in, splash water, run rubber ducks, inflate the huge bubbles, and even ride on the bath as a water slide - daddy always support arm affectionately potreplyut for chubby cheeks and erected foam crown on top of the children's.See also: How to bathe a baby under one year?
  9. Allow Dad to sleep with the baby. This frees your hands for a short rest, calm baby and touched the pope himself.Any mom knows how nice to look at his crumbs, sleeping on the breast of her beloved husband.
    How to build a good relationship between fathers and children
  10. process of laying baby bainki can also be divided into two. example, rock and put my child on the line today - you, tomorrow - a spouse.Let the kid get used not only to my mother's cooing, but to Dad's gay "There was tridesyatom kingdom sad and lonely plumber Uncle Kolya ...".If the forces of the Pope in the night sending a child into the realm of dreams is not enough - create your own little family ritual with Dad's wishes for good dreams, "obnimashki" and, of course, his father's kiss, without which, soon, the baby just do not want to fall asleep.

How to build a good relationship between fathers and children
clear that fold the pope all the worries about the crumbs do not - otherwise he would one day he just tired, and everything that should bring joy, will cause only irritation.

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But do not deprive the spouse to take care of the kid , trust him from the beginning, rejecting fears "He can not right" or "He is hisdrop "- Moscow was not built, and dad to learn everything.Then not have to look for ways of rapprochement father and child .

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