10 important things in life, what can we learn from children

By Admin | Family
24 March 2016

Many times we've all heard the expression - "Learn from your children!", But few seriously considered - and what, in fact, you can learn from our crumbs?We are "unworldly" parents are not even aware that their own children can give us a multiple of more than all the psychologists put together - just listen and look at them closely.
The important things in life, what can we learn from children

  1. The most important thing we can teach our crumbs - live today .Not in some sunk into oblivion the past, not in an illusory future but right here and now.And not just to live, and to enjoy this "today".Look at the children - they do not dream of the distant future, and do not suffer for days gone by, they are happy, even if their living conditions are poor.
  2. Children do not know how to love for "something" - they love for what we are. and from the heart.Selflessness, devotion and naivety live in them harmoniously and in spite of everything.
    The important things in life, what can we learn from children
  3. children - psychologically flexible creatures. this quality is missing so many adults.Children can easily adapt, adapt t
    o the situation, adopt new traditions, learn the language and solve problems.
  4. Heart little man opened wide open world. AND (law of nature), the world is revealed to him sympathetically.Adults also, locking himself inside a hundred castles, it is practically not.And the more grievances / betrayal / frustration, the stronger locks and the stronger the fear that once again betrayed.Live their lives according to the principle "The more open your arms, the easier you will be crucified," the world is waiting exclusively negative.This perception of life returning boomerang.And we can not understand - why the world is so aggressive against us?And, it turns out, the reason is us.If we lock all the locks, dig a moat around them with sharp sticks at the bottom and, to be sure, climb the tower higher, there is no need to wait for that knock on your door, smiling happily.
    The important things in life, what can we learn from children
  5. children can wonder .And we?And we have nothing surprised, naively believing that this underlines our wisdom.While our kids with a sinking heart, little eyes wide open and mouth open admire the first snow fell, a creek in the woods, workaholic, Ant, and even gasoline stains in pools.
  6. Children see around only positive (do not take into account children's fears).They do not suffer from the fact that not enough money for new curtains, that the chief reprimanded for violation of the dress code that favorite "boy" lying on the couch and did not want to help wash dishes.Children see in black and white in a small lot.They enjoyed every minute of his life, using it to the maximum, soaking up experience, splashing all his sunny enthusiasm.
  7. children directly in the dialogue. adult person bound by the laws, regulations, different habits, complexes, plants and so on. Kids these adult "games" are not interesting.They forehead will tell you that your lipstick, like that half-naked aunts near the road that you have fat ass in those jeans and that your soup is salty.They are easy to meet new people (of any age), do not hesitate to act "at home" anywhere - whether it be friends or apartment lobby of the bank.And we related all that themselves head and share, we are afraid to say what we think, ashamed to learn, kompleksuya because of nonsense.Of course, to completely get rid of the "fetters" an adult is very difficult.But reduce their impact (looking at your children) - is quite capable.
    The important things in life, what can we learn from children
  8. Children and creativity - are inseparable. They always something to master, draw, compose, and mold design.And we sigh with envy, too, dream like that to sit and how to draw something masterpiece!But we can not.Because "do not know how."Children also do not know how, but they absolutely do not mind - they just enjoy the creativity.And after work, as you know, goes all negative - stress, resentment, fatigue.Look at your children and learn.Blocked maturing creative "channels" never too late to unlock.
  9. kids do only what they are a joy - they tend not hypocrisy. They will not read a boring book, because it is fashionable, and will not deal with naughty people, because it is "important for the business."Children do not see the point in activities that do not bring pleasure.We are about growing up, forget it.Because there is the word "necessary".But if you look to your life, it is easy to understand that a big part of the "must" just sucks the strength of us, leaving nothing in return.We would be much happier, ignoring the "bad" people escaping from the satraps bosses, enjoying a cup of coffee and a book, instead of washing / cleaning (at least sometimes), and so on. Any activity that does not bring happiness - is stressful for the psyche.Therefore, you should either give up this occupation at all, or do so that it will bring positive emotions.
    The important things in life, what can we learn from children
  10. kids know how to laugh heartily. Even through her tears.In a loud voice, and his head thrown back - relaxed and easy.They do not have the meaning of conditionality, surrounding people and environment.A laugh from the soul - is the best medicine for the body and mind.Laughter, like tears - clears.Are you the last time I laughed so hard?

look at their children and learn with them - wonder and explore the world, to enjoy every minute to see the positive side of everything, to wake up in a good mood (children rarely "stand on the wrong foot") perceive the world without any prejudice, be sincere, moving, never give up, do not overeat (children jump up from the table as soon as they were filled, not with a full stomach), not to get upset over nothing and relax, if you run outforce.