Family traditions and signs of the New Year 2014, and how to involve the family fortune

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24 March 2016

the New Year, even the nesuevernye people think, how to attract luck in the coming year.In addition to the popular beliefs, you can invent their own signs - the tradition of the New Year, doing that, the family becomes more cohesive, comfortable and successful in the coming year.

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Family traditions and signs of the New Year 2014

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  • Signs for New Year 2014 for bringing happiness
  • Family traditions celebrate the New Year

sure sign for the New Year 2014 in order to attract good luck and happiness

Signs New Yearhow to draw family fortune or bring good luck and happiness in love:

  • Sleep the night before January 1 is prophetic characterizes the coming year.
  • to year has been fortunate, not carry garbage to the New Year .
  • To visit elderly relatives or parents - good luck for the New Year 2014.
  • to save the unity of the family have to tie a rope New Year's table legs .
  • If meet holiday in a new
    , there will be a lot of new clothes for a year.
  • To live the non-poor, wear the best clothes and accessories .
  • to problems and troubles are left behind - discard old clothes and shoes outside the house.
  • more varied New Year's table in 2014 , the greater the chance of an abundance in the coming year.
  • To spend a year in need, need to put money in your pocket .
  • under the chiming clock need to guess the most secret desires next year.
  • To leave sickness and troubles in the old year, need to cover her shoulders a shawl or a scarf to 12 o'clock.
  • under the chiming clock in the left fist hold a coin .Then roll it into a glass of champagne and drink to the bottom.It will bring money into the New Year.You can drill a hole in a coin and attached to the bag or keychain.
  • the ringing of bells write a wish on a napkin , ignite, put champagne and drink until midnight.Then all the forces of fate will contribute to the fulfillment of your desires.
  • year to be happy, Have time to put a peeled mandarin under the tree .Then a year will be happy and positive.
  • to be in abundance, need to sprinkle grains guests to the table or porridge.
  • The more you congratulate the people , the more successful will be the year.
  • If December 31 in the afternoon you meet a man , in the coming year, do not wait for disease.If a woman is going to get sick often.
  • who on New Year's sneeze , he will have a lucky year.How sneeze - so many women and love.
  • can not help strangers items related to fire .
  • If there is a stove or fireplace, you must make sure that fire burned in them all day .
  • After the holiday tree can not throw out the window , otherwise there will be discord in the family.It is necessary to make a Christmas tree and stuck in the ground or snow.

Family traditions and signs of the New Year 2014

Family traditions celebrate the New Year - how to attract happiness in the family?

family tradition can be understood values ​​and interests of several generations .Of course, over time, some traditions are fading, but are replaced by other equally valuable .

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Usually the family tradition is not universal, however, to learn about them, we interviewed different people.

And that's what we've got a list:

  • Tangerines and olives.
  • Carnival.
  • Full house guests.
  • baking a cake Napoleon parallel movies "Magicians" or "Irony of Fate."
  • Fun games with the children before the battle of chimes.Then walk to the nearest tree, where you can povzryvat fireworks, the occasion dance, drink champagne.And then - a visit!
  • View Christmas Soviet comedies at the time of Christmas tree ornaments.
  • Preparation "delicacy" - consisting of sauerkraut, because the whole year do not.
  • batch of pancakes with red caviar on January 1st.
  • purchase balls for each family member and the grand Christmas tree ornament each family member.
  • Sledging New Year's Eve.
  • Day dream New Year's Eve to be fresh and rested.
  • celebrate the New Year in the sauna.
  • decorated Christmas tree in the park.
  • Time Christmas kisses.It is necessary to extinguish the light for 3 minutes, so that people have time to kiss before the New Year.
  • Open the door 5 minutes before 12 midnight to let the New Year.

Family traditions and signs of the New Year 2014
Think, some traditions in your family , which makes it a unique oasis for all the family?What funny signs to convey to you even from grandparents?What can you come up with it?

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After perhaps, your tradition will be passed on from generation to generation , and your great-grandchildren will listen with interest the story about your Christmas fudge.