Payments and family allowances 2013 - which put payments to large families in Russia?

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25 March 2016

Large families in Russia rely pay and benefits.Payments and benefits generated by the federal budget, but, apart from the federal cash benefits and benefits in different regions of Russia approved the regional, municipal payments from regional budgets.

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Every large family has to rely to learn about her pay and benefits in the community, regional Department of Social Welfare.
Benefits and allowances to large families in 2013

  • If a family comes second, third and subsequent child, monthly care allowance him in 2013 amounted to 4907 rubles 85 kopecks.
  • Large families paid monetary compensation for reimbursement in connection with a general increase in the cost of living :
    1. families with 3-4 children , for each of them to 16 years of age (or children under18 if they are enrolled in public educational institutions) pay 600 rubles.
    2. families who brought up five or more children , for each of them to 16 years of age (or under 18 if they are enrolled in an institution with gene
      ral programs) pay 750 rubles.
  • Families with many having 5 or more minor children in 2013 pay compensation for the purchase of children's products , compensatory payments for the whole family is 900 rubles.
  • Large families receive monthly cash compensation for children under 3 years due to the increasing cost of food , compensatory payment is 675 rubles.
  • monetary compensation for reimbursement for payment of utility services and premises for large families:
    1. families with 3-4 children pay 522 rubles.
    2. families with five or more children pay 1044 rubles.
  • Cash compensation phone is paid monthly and is 230 rubles.Compensation is paid until the youngest child turns 16 years of age (if enrolled in an educational institution with educational programs - before age 18).
  • Monetary compensation to families with 10 or more children , paid monthly.The compensation is 750 rubles and paid for each child in the family, until he is 16 years (if the child is enrolled in school full-time, compensation is paid until the age of 23 years).
  • Cash compensation mother who gave birth to 10 children and more and receives a pension of 10,000 rubles.This compensation is assigned to a woman for a period of registration of pension.Compensation payments is established from the month in which a pension, but not earlier than 6 months before the month in which to apply.
  • Large families rely annual benefits and allowances :
    1. Families having 10 or more children , family paid 10,000 rubles to the International Family Day .
    2. Families having 10 or more children , paid 15,000 rubles per family to the Day of Knowledge .
  • If a family of seven or more children, the parents are candidates for awarding them Order of Parental Glory medal or .Awarded parents receive a lump sum cash payment - 100,000 rubles.
  • need support to families 2013 will pay a monthly monetary compensation .The category of families who put this compensation payment are those families in which, after December 31, 2012 was born the third or subsequent baby.Compensation will be paid until the youngest child is three years old, its size corresponds to the minimum subsistence level set in the region, which is home to a large family, this is from 5-6 to 10-11 thousand rubles a month.
  • Since 2011, as the family allowances allocated land for individual housing construction for the construction of their own homes .On the procedure of obtaining the site and timing of a large family you need to know in the community, in the regional Department of Social Welfare.