Women's skirts for fall 2013 - stylish collection of skirts 2013 autumn-winter

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24 March 2016

Trendy Skirts Fall 2013 The modern stylish woman in the wardrobe there are always several options for fashionable skirts.Pants - trousers and femininity has not been canceled.And even those girls that hardly get out of jeans, regularly study the fashion trends in this direction.So what will be fashionable skirts in autumn 2013?The most fashionable skirt 2013 - which skirts suit you?

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Actual fabrics for fashion skirts fall 2013: fur in fashion and combining

The cold season is not put on any skirt - health is more expensive.But, thanks to the designers this season, women have quite a wide range.In fashion today fur and combining with different fabrics.

  • most current of warm materials for skirts - tweed, wool and suede .
  • Leather - at the peak of his popularity.
  • Skirts sheared fur .
  • stylish velvet skirts .

Fur skirt 2013 autumn winter
Fur skirt 2013 autumn winter
Fur skirt 2013 autumn winter

most fashionable prints and color skirts 2013 autumn-winter

Thanks fashionable prints in 2013, even the classic skirt transformed today into original things, each with its own character.

Prints on skirts, fashionable autumn 2013

  • striped print. strip remains fashionable, regardless of its color, width and direction.
  • wild animals. Animal print can be seen in the collections of almost all designers.It designs, textures reptiles, leopard spots and tiger stripes.
  • crow's feet (the dog canine). Scottish trendy print in different variations.
  • Camouflage. Print "military" presented today at things from a feminine luxury textured fabrics and furs.
  • cell. This is one of the favorites of the season, presented today not only in skirts, but in the bag, tights, scarves, coats and so on.
  • combinations of prints. For those girls that love evident, designers create trendy skirt with a spectacular combination of striped and checkered top bottom.
  • all-seeing eye.Prints not superstitious.Images Eye in different variations.

Trendy Skirts 2013 - Fashion prints
Trendy Skirts 2013 - Fashion prints
Trendy Skirts 2013 - Fashion prints

most fashionable colors of skirts fall-winter 2013-2014

for autumn-winter 2013-2014 designers have created a basic palette of the most fashionable colors.Most of them are very restrained (natural muted shades), but bright and saturated colors occur:

  • Muted green : neutral mossy, swampy shades.
  • Light mustard : yellowish green, light khaki.
  • deep emerald : Noble natural color for a variety of natural greenery in winter fashion palette.
  • Chocolate : the color of chocolate, ripe coffee beans - elegant, refined.
  • Red cherry : rich, powerful color - for energetic natures.
  • peony flowers.
  • asphalt.
  • Deep purple and blue.
  • bright orange.
  • Classic black and black, combined with white.

Trendy Skirts 2013 - Color
Trendy Skirts 2013 - Photo

Long skirts autumn of 2013 - an elegant and chic style and rich fabrics

favorites of the season is long, elegant and feminine skirts to the floor - air, practical and beautiful.Also in vogue today:

  • warm and refined pleated maxi skirt .
  • skirts below the knee with a frill of a monochromatic fabric.
  • Lush long skirt with an emphasis on the waist.
  • Skirts complicated styles and bright colors.

Fashion long skirt 2013 - Photo
Trendy Skirts 2013 fall to the floor
Trendy Skirts 2013 fall to the floor

Short skirts for fall 2013 - a trapezoid skirt and tight-fitting mini

favorite of the season - a trapezoid skirt, to the delight of men returning to fashion.However, in an updated form bizarre pockets and wide belts "Military┬╗ will add appeal to girls and flirtatious.Also, pay attention to:

  • Luxury miniskirts fur and bright skin
  • Skirts-pack.
  • mini skirt with leopard print.
  • asymmetric model.
  • Pencil skirt.
  • Skirts Bell of fashion fifties.
  • poluklesh and pleated skirts.
  • retro style.
  • skirt peplum.
  • wraparound skirt.

Short skirts for fall 2013
Short skirts for fall 2013

Lush and pleated skirt 2013 again at the peak of the fall fashion

In the new season does not lose its popularity skirts - slightly less volume than before, models stormed the podium and with confidenceease:

  • skirts Bell of satin, lace, lace and silk, with transparent inserts - if inflated by the wind.
  • skirts to the floor - silk, flowing with soft pleats pleating .
  • lush mini-skirts and trapeze.
  • skirts with a low waist.
  • US lush skirts , returning again in vogue.

also in favor today and pleated skirt .Luxurious, elegant models for special occasions and every day.Autumn models are especially popular floor-length, as well as models of chiffon.
Skirts fall 2013
Autumn pleated skirt 2013

In autumn 2013 fashion - stylish skirts Basques

Skirts Basques offer this season many fashion houses.It is no coincidence.This skirt has a lot of advantages :

  • Correction figures : rounded thighs skinny girls and have an emphasis on the waist with a smooth contouring bends - for girls with rounded shapes.
  • variety of colors - classic, pastels, prints.
  • variety in length.
  • Ability to wear fashionable thing to bypass the office dress code .

Model 2013 with skirts Basques
Autumn skirts Basques for fall 2013

Quilted skirt autumn of 2013 will be relevant in the cold days

One of the most original way to finish this year recognized diamond-shaped stitch .Therefore, the duty of every fashionable woman - get this fall quilted skirt textile or leather.Designers are advised to wear such models combined with boots and a handbag from a quilted material .The main thing is that all the different elements of the same stitches and were made of the same fabric.
Quilted skirt 2013 photo
Quilted skirt 2013 photo
Quilted skirt 2013 photo

Fur and leather skirt 2013 autumn and winter - cozy beauty for stylish women

leather skirts in autumn 2013 - it is a daring style, but not beyond the limits of decency.The main emphasis - on the leg length.Most recent styles:

  • leather skirts to the knee.
  • Skirts flared.
  • Pencil skirt.
  • models with light pleating and folds.
  • Skirts medium length retro.
  • Uniform folded model a snake skin.


But if, in addition to visual appeal, you'll also important to be warm and cozy, the note skirt faux fur .Such models provide comfort and warmth to the most attractive parts of the body, and extravagance, which is lacking in the cold season.