Chemistry of Love

By Admin | Family
25 March 2016

Probably many familiar an expression - «Lawless Heart» .However, there is a sense that control us and our brains, and it does not matter, where there is fervent feeling.

After irresistible attraction of two people to each other may depend more on the senses in the heart than in the mind, or vice versa.According to many experts, few people would be able to experience the romantic impulses, heart flour, burning love, or the desire for eternal love, if you were not so arranged.

should pay attention to what psychologists ( which repeatedly accessed men who by their words could not fall in love ) fixed and converged in a common opinion that there are so-called gaps neural pathways through which people and able to experienceamorous emotions.

Typically, these are people who have this problem exists, it is complete, except for one, they never in my life were not in love with anyone really.Such love can lead to blindness to what a romantic impulses are blocked or ignored intelligence and people are absolute

ly incapable to love and devote their lives to one person.

worth noting that many are trying to find quite a weighty alternative to love, it is sharp and experiences related to risk management and banal promiscuity that may lead to negative consequences and addiction and dependence on them.

But here's what you should pay attention - people who at least once in their lives experienced that is it - «fire of love» , well aware that these feelings are much stronger and brighter and nothingor replaced, but the comparison is not out of the question.

turns out that for what we experience wonderful feelings of love experiences and equally strong emotions our brain responds by producing certain substances.Any positive feeling, whether love or euphoria warm and friendly, sincere feeling starts in the brain certain chain nodes which are the centers of pleasure.

And when they are activated, we can just soar on the wings of love, life becomes intense and exciting and the whole world stands before us in the pink.

Love - it's just magic, because it can do us such miracles, and believe me - it is a miracle constantly with you anywhere and it does not go away from you.

you sometimes can not help but suspect that capable of such feelings, until a man who will be able to wake them up.