Bags, backpacks and purses Guess - a real godsend for glamorous girls

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25 March 2016

brand Guess - it is one of the most successful and largest brands in the world of Italian fashion.In 1981, Guess was founded by Marciano brothers, Paul and Maurice, who from that period are equally determined well-being and growth of the brand.Bags and purses made of the brand in Italy.

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Suitable for Guess and who loves him?

Bags and Wallets Guess - real decoration for every glamor girl .These shimmering lacquered gloss, attractive accessories to the image of its owner happy too demanding.To meet such a bag or purse, you must always look 100% .Such bags and wallets designed for modern women who want to look too bulky.Huge bags of the brand, on the contrary underlined the fragility of this woman.

fashionable collection of bags from Guess: handbags, backpacks, clutches

Bags and purses from crocodile skin .

Bags and purses crocodile, patent leather hand

bags and purses named the most important innovation in the new collection.They are considered chic models bags Guess.There are options that are decorated with stones and arched pendants.Bags and accessories are also decorated with fancy pockets, but they have remained true to the classic rectangular shape.

Shoulder Bags

models of classic shoulder bags provide informal and sporty look .It seems several styles of bags.They are made of different materials: vinyl, satin, linen.

Bags, backpacks

Besides the fact that all the models themselves bright , they are decorated with a variety of elegant pendants, beautiful snaps, numerous pockets, label brand, bright shiny brooches with strazikami.Among the new models of backpacks can always find a versatile option.

Purses with snake print

These wallets are very comfortable.Suit to any handbag.They are attracted to women who are very active and love variety.

Price range: Guess bags and backpacks are from 3600 rubles to 9000 rudders, wallets and purses are from 2500 rubles to 6900 rubles .

Accessories Guess - real reviews fashionistas!Quality bags and accessories Guess


Female stylish purse Guess with snake print patent leather gave me on the anniversary of her husband.Snake print highly popular this season.I like the products of the brand Guess!From my own experience I know that the quality of these products.Things are always beautiful and practical.


I'm attracted to the bag Guess, because I think in the models of this famous Italian manufacturer of classic is always very well connected to the trendy tendencies years.Each model from the collection of GUESS by Marcianos- is always refinement and elegance, luxury and quality.


products brand Guess always pleasing to the fine quality and attractive models.But sometimes the models too unusual.My first handbag of the brand gave me a friend's birthday.At first I was very happy!Delicate beautiful colors, an unusual combination of leather and fabric.Inconvenient were only decoration handbags - reversible buckle.Every time you need to open the bag, it is necessary first to open this clasp, and she hangs back.Like what bag closes with a zipper.

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