How to raise a capricious child?

By Admin | Family
25 March 2016

sometimes too sudden and totally incomprehensible obstinacy attacks and harm small children of the nerves may spoil even the most patient parents.

seems that just recently had your baby soft, pliable and malleable like clay, and now in front of you naughty and mischievous kid who constantly repeats the phrase cutting ears - «I will not!" "No!""I do not want to!", "I myself!» .

Sometimes it may seem that your child is doing everything to spite you.

child became moody - what to do?Lets you look at what is happening with your baby, how to fight and when it will end.

should pay attention to parents that these troubles is just a natural process of growing your baby, and nothing extraordinary happens.After growing up, your child will inevitably begin to realize their individuality and take themselves apart from you and that's why he is trying by all and only possible way to show their independence.

Further more - the higher your child up the age levels, respectively, in order to be more insistent d

emands recognition of their independence and autonomy.

For example, if the baby is important for trёhgodovalogo fact that he was able, without any your help to choose clothes for a walk or put on and laced up the shoes he already six year old child will wonder why have you given him something to allow and what-That there.That is your baby becomes conscious self, and thus begins to perceive himself as a person.

And this is the cause of acute childhood reaction to any prohibitions or manifestations of parental authoritarianism.But stubbornness and whims of a kind of armor and protection from the influence of adults.As a rule, many parents simply do not pay attention to such bouts of stubbornness and do as they see necessary or odёrgivayut your child and require termination of the vagaries, and if the words do not work, then put the baby in a corner.

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It is worth noting that such parental behavior can lead to the fact that you will be growing faceless and indifferent broken child.

So try to work out the right strategy with your baby.Before you accuse your child of obstinacy, take a look at ourselves - stubborn and not you?

Try to be more flexible in educational matters and, of course, try to take into account the age-related changes that occur in the mind of your child.

Remember - that attending and responsiveness to your baby now, you zalazhivaete foundation of your understanding with him in the future.

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