The most popular children's toys for boys 11-13 years - Winter 2013

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26 March 2016

The most popular children Toys for boys from 11 to 13 years are programming your child to the traditional male role - lifeguard, firefighter, train driver, police and so on.At this age, boys prefer to play set, which includes buildings, transformers, figurines of animals and people, cars, railway station and the most different techniques.See also, favorite toys girls aged 11,12,13 years.

Popular children's toys for boys 11-13 years

Set "mechanics" for young engineers of 11 years.

The most popular children This kit in a box - a wonderful gift for the child.Every modern toy - it's more than just a method to entertain the boy.With these toys kids learn social roles, learn about the world, accustomed to responsibility , and their development, and classes will be held interesting and brighter.Approximate set price: 600-800 rubles .

hobbies motorist - Autotrack Grand Prix

The most popular children This toy will be able to assess the true racing fans all over the world. handy box with handles , which is packed auto tracking will help you take a child with a favorite

toy anywhere.Arranging racing rides on the autotrack, young riders can transfer to the atmosphere dizzying maneuvers on steep turns.Approximate price auto racing: 6000-6500 rubles .

Spider Roboquad for inquisitive dreamer

The most popular children This curious gift that has set of cutting-edge sensor and unique movements .The most popular among the robot toys Roboquad!Individuality Roboquad lies in the fact that your boy can change the speed of the reaction of the robot, its behavior depending on the mood.The management of this robot is carried out using remote control (remote control) .Approximate price spider: 4500-4800 rubles .

Children toy bow «Kenig» for the accuracy and agility

The most popular children Bow made with old technology with sizing slats from solid white maple , it is covered by non-polluting varnish of good resistance.Handle onions lined using genuine leather .Bowstring recruited from lavsanovyh yarn loops and a place in the heel of the boom have been processed kapron threads.Approximate price Luka- 1100-1300 rubles .

Auto Design - AUDI for future engineers

This constructor is manufactured under license, and it beautifully displays similarity with the original due to high quality components.Guide, which is included in this package, will independently collect the car without the help of parents.The designer of the car can help your boy to develop smart and learn to correctly handle the technical priori.Approximate price designer: 600-1100 rubles .

inquisitive researcher - A set of "Astronomy»

Using various experiments, your child will be able to create their own legends shrouded the wonders of nature and touch the real secrets of nature, thanks to the abundance of materials for experiments, guidelines and chemicals inside this mysterious box.Approximate price set : 1900-2100 rubles .

Inertial PAZ "MOE" for an enthusiastic motorist

The most popular children This is a car with an inertial mechanism.You only need to roll it back and it will automatically go forward to successfully overcome the obstacles.Features of this machine consists in the fact that front doors open, there is the sound of the engine and headlights .Approximate price bus: 200-600 rubles .

The young naturalist - a toy microscope

In today's world there are many living creatures.Many of them we can see with his own eyes, but the other half has a small size so that they can observe only with a microscope.This kids microscope will be for your child a source of pleasure.Approximate price microscope: 600-1000 rubles .

Spy things for a young scout

The most popular children In this set there are special spy things to transmit information and covert surveillance , as well as a unique brand secret book begins scouts .Learn about new ways of collecting data, learn special techniques, learn how to work with the code.Approximate set price: 500-800 rubles .

Develop logic - a maze with balls "Account" for boys from 11 years

Toy promotes logic, creativity and motor skills of your child.It is made from environmentally friendly wood .Approximate price maze: 400-600 rubles .