Bellini - a perfect combination of elegance and quality

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26 March 2016

Bellini Italian brand appeared on the Russian market recently, just 10 years old, but has already gained the respect of the fair sex.The main specialization of the company is the production of leather goods of the highest quality.

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Style brand Bellini

Brand Bellini offers shoppers stylish and sophisticated handbags , which will apply to your image.All models of this brand very bright, stylish and multifunctional .In the creation of handbags Italian designers are guided by one principle: a perfect ochetanie classic style with latest fashion trends .

The collections Bellini You will not find huge shopping bags decorated with decorative stones or absurd applications. Each bag this brand individual and unique .Have a bag Bellini dream of every woman who appreciates accessories sophistication and quality.

Bags the brand chosen girls who know what they want to achieve in life , and confidently go to the purpose.After all, the company's products are made from only the finest materials imported from Italy and Turkey.The collection includes models of all shapes and sizes.Here you will find comfortable everyday bags, elegant evening mini-bags, clutches .Accessories of the brand will make literate and complete any image, thus will be beneficial to emphasize the personal style of its owner.

line of handbags Bellini

To date, the company's products include Bellini, every woman can find a perfect accessory .The collection includes a wide variety of bags: sports, casual, evening, business ... Girls who like "all your carry" without problems pick yourself a model of the desired size, which is very spacious and still have a decent look.

And ladies, who do not like to take too much, will be able to pick up a elegant mini bags and clutches .Also, the fair sex are very happy extensive range of colors products.The collection includes not only Bellini classic colors (white, black and pastel shades), but bright and unusual, such as fire or fuchsia.All models are made only from natural materials (leather and suede), using the latest advances in technology and design.Each bag perfectly organized interior space .There is a pocket for documents, several pockets for small items.

Handbags Bellini - price category

Despite the fact that Bellini is an Italian brand, the production line of the company is in the territory of Russia.The products meet all European standards, and thus has a very affordable price, and this attracts the majority of its shoppers.On average for a bag of this brand you will have to pay from 4500 to 6000 rubles.

Feedback from customers about the brand


I try to stick to the classic style and I love accessories brand Bellini.All models are very elegant, spacious and comfortable.I would recommend the products of the brand.


recently acquired the online store Bellini bag made of genuine leather, embossed crocodile skin.When received, I was ecstatic, though slightly different shade than the photo.Everything else is great: great quality, all seams are made perfectly, locks work well.Excellent value for money.


I use daily bag of this brand for several years.No complaints have not.Very comfortable, roomy and excellent quality.


view pages online catalog and saw a beautiful handbag Bellini.My boyfriend gave it to me.I'm ecstatic, this comfortable, practical.It is perfectly suited for everyday attire, and for the evening.

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