Gifts for parents on their wedding anniversary - the best ideas!

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26 March 2016

1 Selecting any gift - it is always exciting and very complex.A variety of gifts for beloved parents to the next - a circular or non-circular - the date of their marriage is a very responsible occupation, which needs to devote a lot of time and attention.This gift will surely be very memorable, original, special to the event useful, it must meet many requirements and not be offensive disappointment.

Before you stop the partisan elections at some one, the best, the present, you must determine for themselves several options carefully considering the advantages of each of them, choosing the most suitable.On the day of the wedding the parents, each of us has the opportunity to return to them at least part of the care and warmth that they gave us in childhood.It is necessary to give mum and dad the opportunity to feel young again, to create an environment of their young age, warmth and family comfort.What gifts will not only original but also very enjoyable for parents momentous day?

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  • «The best gift for the anniversary of his parents - a trip to a youth»
  • wedding anniversary - digital photo frame or a spinning photo album
  • table for breakfast in bed - a romantic gift for their wedding anniversary
  • Music Center in retro style - parents wedding anniversary
  • Give parents wedding anniversary registered Order, cups, medals
  • book pedigree wedding anniversary
  • Travel - the best gift to the parents wedding anniversary
  • the anniversary of the wedding of parents - or the cameraCamcorder
  • gift certificate for wedding anniversary of parents
  • Portrait of parents with oil - on the anniversary of their wedding
  • wedding cake for the wedding anniversary of the parents to
  • Dinner for two - romantic gift for parents on the anniversary of marriage
  • Sets Travel - a gift for the anniversarywedding parents
  • Wedding collage parents on the anniversary of marriage
  • practical gift to parents on the anniversary of their wedding

«The best gift for wedding anniversary - a journey to youth»

order to become parents wedding day Thereforetruly memorable, you can give them a symbolic journey to the land of their youth.To do this in advance to schedule tour route and travel - for example, to arrange boat trip, a walk in the park , in which mom and dad walked in his youth, go to the theater .These places should be important for parents as their place of romantic encounters.If at the moment they do not live in that city, which introduced such a symbolic "trip" can be arranged in the form slideshow , as well as his own mounted film with their photos and videos from the family archives as well as a photo of the city at this time.After traveling parents to wait a meeting with family and friends at a banquet , which also use the music of youth parents decorate their room photos, collages.

wedding anniversary - digital photo frame or a spinning photo album 2

this gift, of course, you must give to the already placed on the machine, or in a photo album from the family archives located on tape time - from when your parents metwith each other to this day.Frame or a rotating photo album must have photographic evidence of all the important events in the life of the parents and all the family - for example, about the graduation and receiving their diplomas, Rudow tons of everyday life and rewards, the birth of children, then - the grandchildren of the family celebrations, meetings andhobby.Now Mom and Dad will have all the photos at your fingertips, and often will view the album, remembering every moment of their life together.

table for breakfast in bed - a romantic gift for their wedding anniversary

to your mom and dad were able to give each other moments of tenderness every day, you can give them a gift in the form of a beautifully decorated table for breakfast in bed, with a nice elegant set of dishesfor two persons.This table will be useful to them as well as a stand for crafts, hobbies, reading, working on a laptop.

Music Center in retro style - a gift parents wedding anniversary 3

If your parents are very fond of listening to music, you can opt for a gift for the music center is decorated in a retro style.This gifts you can pick sets DVD - drives or special gift albums with music their youth.Of course, such gifts must be chosen, knowing the preferences of the parents in the music.

Give parents wedding anniversary inscribed medals, trophies, medals

As a souvenir you can order a special nominal medals, trophies for mom and dad.These things can make a special engraved with congratulations and wishes both parents.The process of presenting these gifts can be issued, as the government awards the awards ceremony, with appropriate music and due solemnity.

book pedigree wedding anniversary

4 This gift will require you not one day of hard work on the design, selection of photos, search for "branches" of the family, but the results can exceed all expectations.This book can be reflected family history for several generations by the parent union - is very important to have photos and stories of the lives of some ancestors, photographs of places where they lived, descriptions of the most important events and achievements in their lives.Modern printing can help in the design of the gift - print pages "of the book of pedigree" can be on good paper, with the help of modern technology.This book is, we believe, will now be passed on from generation to generation, is already to your descendants.

Journey "wedding" - the best gift for the anniversary of his parents

If you have the finances, you can arrange for your parents unforgettable romantic trip - as in other countries, and in Russia, with a visit to the places of their acquaintances and young life.Currently, many travel agencies are engaged in registration of travel properly - for example, making gifts, "young", a romantic dinner for two, special greetings.Such traveling parents can give, for example, very high quality suitcase .

the anniversary of the wedding of parents - camera or camcorder

Very often, having retired, older people have a lot of free time and leisure monotonous.They are an interesting new hobby and joint hobby can become a unifying photos or videos.This is especially true if your parents are very fond of traveling, or often go on nature.Such gifts can also choose beautiful albums and the framework for future photos, digital photo frame , and digital media or DVD-player for video .

gift certificate for wedding anniversary of parents

5 Modern life offers new kinds of gifts that can satisfy the most demanding taste heroes of the occasion, to become a truly individual willing and joyful.These gifts include the so-called gift certificates that can be found in stores, and in sports centers and in firms engaged in the organization of various trips.You buy a certificate for the parents, and then they choose a gift according to your taste and desire.You can purchase a certificate, for example, romantic trip for massage and swimming in the pool, spa treatments, skydiving, purchase of furniture and electrical equipment, digital devices and so on

Portrait of parents with oil - on the anniversary of their wedding

order to become parents wedding anniversary truly memorable, memorable event, you can order a good master writing their overall portrait photo.This picture should be written very high quality, because it is assumed it is placed on the most prominent place in the apartment of mom and dad.For you must choose a beautiful picture frame, adhering to the style in which the framed flat parents.Such a gift will be very original and unexpected, cause very vivid emotions and joy at the heroes of the occasion.

wedding cake for the wedding anniversary of the parents to

If your parents' wedding anniversary banquet appointed inviting all the family, you can give a very tasty gift in the form of a huge wedding cake, and it positioned the wishes of parents, their names, wedding date, figurines"groom" and "bride".These figures can be ordered master, engaged in manufacturing cakes of mastic, or make your own.Figures should be made "realistic" - for example, the groom in a tuxedo, the bride in her wedding dress, very similar to your parents.

Dinner for two - romantic gift for parents on the anniversary of marriage

It is possible that on the next date of their wedding your parents do not want noisy feast and bustle around him.In this case, you can cheer them well thought out and prepared a romantic dinner for two in a cozy and quiet restaurant , which asked the relevant event decoration table - candles, champagne, rose petals, flowers etc.Such a gift will be an unforgettable romantic excursion mothers and fathers in the days of their youth meetings, meetings where they can enjoy each other's company.

Sets Travel - a gift to the wedding anniversary of parents

If your parents lead an active lifestyle and love to get out of town, on nature, it can give them a comfortable modern tent for two, set for a picnic,Sets of dishes for tourists, weather station, high-quality sleeping bags, Barbecue, inflatable boats .Your parents can use these gifts for other purposes in the near future, going on a picnic.

Wedding collage parents on the anniversary of marriage

If you can not order a joint portrait of your parents a master portrait of the case, then it can make a great wedding collage using photos of the parents.Collage can be made in different techniques - painting, applique, patchwork plastic molding of salt dough, scrapbooking, etc.This collage to become a truly festive gift, you must issue properly - to pick up for him a beautiful frame, select the wishes and inscriptions.

practical gift to parents on the anniversary of their wedding 6

On neyubileynuyu date wedding anniversary of your parents, you can give them something nice and practical - for example, beautiful bedspread on the bed, a nice set of quality bed linen, new phonesboth kitchen appliances .If this present for the soul, accompanying his heartfelt congratulations and warm fellowship at the family dinner, he takes a very great joy to all.