Leather bags Gironacci from the Italian brand to suit every taste!

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26 March 2016

brand fashion handbags Gironacci specializes in manufacturing high quality handbags.Production is in Montegranaro, in the middle of Italy.The charm and femininity of the brand, which has long been on the market, materials and high quality leather, handmade craftsmanship - that's the most basic features of bags Gironacci.

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For some bags were created this brand?

with elegant handbags Gironacci any woman would look like a real fairy or as sophisticated princess.Despite the fact that there is nothing revolutionary in recent years in the design of these bags have been made, the combination of shapes and colors just inexplicably original.Typically, these bags are choosing nature refined, lovers of grace and light shapes.

fashionable collection of bags from Gironacci

This season, fashion bags Gironacci very democratic and diverse.

Bright bags

Especially popular are the

bright colors and original format.If you like the exotic, the snakeskin bag should come to your taste.It is not so much a fashion statement as indicator of the hunting passion and predatory nature.

black bag

never go out of style black strict style stylish handbags made of genuine leather for business women and roomy and practical bag in black are perfect for shopping.

Flower theme

as popular this season considered a floral theme: different prints, flowers will decorate handbags best fashionistas.

Price range: Gironacci bags in stores are from 6300 rubles to 11,000 rubles .

Comments from the forums of brand handbags Gironacci


This bag is very high quality, it is convenient to walk everywhere: at work, on a walk, go shopping!The main advantages are considered size, ease of use and functionality.But at the same time the design and execution.In this bag all performed at 100 points out of 100.


Handbag Gironacci I really liked, that's exactly what I wanted for a long time.It is made very carefully, no extra thread fittings excellent, excellent material, inside lining reliable.The advantage is that which it has an inner pocket.COLOURS bags are also satisfied.


recently bought a new handbag of the brand.I like her very much.Lightweight, elegant, color beige.The key is that it is made of quality material.I hope it will last me a long time.


very popular bags of Gironacci.In my collection there are three: red shoulder bag, snake clutch and classic black handbag, briefcase.They have a few years, no abrasions or no complaints.When a new venture to purchase, will already know what to buy.


My friend brought a fake from the United States, where they were on the street for $ 5 to sell.She and Prada, and Chanel brought.You know what the funny thing ?!That Fake Gironacci she is still alive, and they have long been torn rubbed yes!I think myself and buy a fake, very much doubt that we can sell real brand.


present for last New Year's mom bag by Gironacci.She is happy, it is constantly craving!Let's just say the money that I paid for it, paid off!A bag cost is not cheap, but mom did not mind!

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