The unique French style accessories Azaro

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26 March 2016

Azaro - is known to the whole world brand, founded by French designer L. Asaro in 1960.Accessories of this brand are very popular among the ladies, thanks to its original design and the combination of bright colors.

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Accessories A zaro - handbags, clutches, wallets, belts

Bags Azaro - a perfect example of unsurpassed chic and gorgeous European quality.Each product made of the finest materials on first-class equipment.Today in the shops you can buy evening clutch bags, leather bags and cosmetic this brand.

the accessories of the brand perfectly combines French elegance and grandeur with elegance and brevity classics .Corporate identity of the company can be characterized as sensitive minimalism .During the manufacture of products designers carefully selected accessories, colors and structure of materia

ls: best leather, expensive decoration and silk lining .

Among the assortment of the company every woman can find a perfect accessory .After all, the collections are classic and casual bags, evening mini-bags, clutches and purses.Bag Azaro become a great addition to your image.

products of this brand is quite popular celebrities : Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman and others.You are self-confident woman who knows what she wants out of life?Have you always follow fashion trends and try to create a corresponding image?Then accessories Azaro - this is exactly what you need.After all, this brand bags are perfect for everyday wear, and any style of clothing.

accessories collection A zaro - the most fashionable products

Today collections Azaro can see classic and trendy models of handbags, purses and clutches.Among the huge range of perfect handbag can find a young student, and an elegant business woman.Models between is distinguished not only form, but also the texture of fabrics, colors .

For the manufacture of its products this haberdashery house uses natural materials : Suede, leather, nubuck.With this bag is very practical, comfortable, lightweight and durable.They are superbly organized interior space, there are special pocket for mobile phone, details and documents.Therefore, each item will have its place, and you can easily find it.

The latest collection company made a surprise for its customers.With the release of new models of handbags, cosmetic bags were developed and in the same style and of the same material as the bag itself.This accessory is very convenient, it fits easily in a bag in his hand.

Prices of accessories from A zaro

Despite the fact that the products of the French brand is made from the best materials and fittings, it has a very affordable price.Handbags Azaro fashionista Russia can buy for as low as 950 to 7500 rubles.In the clutch of the brand to a customer will have to pay 900 - 3000 rubles.Beautician same will cost about 1000 - 1500 rubles.

Azaro - quality reviews fashionistas


Azaro Bags have a very original design, one can see the hand of the master.All models extraordinary, fashionable and elegant.Excellent quality.Itself I use a bag of this brand for several years, do not have any complaints.


recently bought a daily bag of this brand.I'm ecstatic.She is good-quality, durable, roomy.Very comfortable, it fits a lot of things.I would recommend.


And I do not really like the bag of this brand.They certainly fashionable, with the original design, but the quality is lame.Once I bought a suede handbag Azaro.A few days socks, her torn loop, which is mounted strap.Although maybe I got a fake ?!In general, my advice carefully check all fasteners.


Azaro bag I use for two years.Quality perfect, neither one lock is not broken, no abrasions, lining the whole.The skin soft to the touch.I love.

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