Who can get maternity capital, the amount of maternity capital

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27 March 2016

2 In the last decade, when the birth rate in Russia has been falling rapidly, and sank below the level of mortality at the legislative level has been developed and put into practice a program of incentives for increasing the birth rate.

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mater parents now boldly dare start a second child or adopt a second baby in the family - the financial support for this step was the impressive, opens up new possibilities for the family, a chance at a normal life, the implementation of the residential program or other grandiose plans for the immediate family.When the program was launched, who will receive - and who does not have the right to Maternal capital , what is the amount it determines what documents are needed to recipients on what goals legitimately spend money allowances - to these and other questions that are most often concerned with mothers andDad, will try to answer a series of arti

cles devoted to maternal capital.

content of the article:

  • Since what year a program of Maternal capital?
  • To put mother's capital and its paid How many times?
  • Who can not use the money capital of the Parent?
  • When can I get this certificate and take full advantage of the money?
  • amount equal to the parent (family) capital

From what has been operating the program of assistance to families who have children?

Federal Law № 256-FZ, adopted on December 29, 2006, has the title name «On additional measures of state support for families with children», and designed to provide financial support for fertility, came into full force in 2007 with year (from January) .

This law is in force in accordance with all items, supporting families with children and the birth of the baby later designated a specific period: to 2007 (Jan.), up to the thirty-first of December 2016 (Article 13 of the Law).

controls and procedures of the actions according to this law is entrusted to institutions and departments of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation .They do not have the right to make adjustments and amendments to the existing law, complement it at its discretion, to make changes in the adopted regulations.

Persons who have a statutory right to receive funds, issued a document confirming the right of this single sample - Certificate for cash assistance "parent (family) capital» .1

This cash lump sum that defines certificate, issued not to the individual child and to improve the well-being and improve the lives of the entire family , all children in the family and parents as support.

who should the parent (family) capital?How many times have paid Maternity capital one family on having children?

«Maternity Capital" is issued on the second child, who was born (in other cases - adopted) in the period following the entry into full force of federal law.But no matter how many children are there in the family, you must know that maternity capital is issued only once the family , as it is one-time financial support .

So, who has the full right to receive this allowance:

  1. woman, birth to or adopt another baby .
  2. Families, which account for second baby was adopted in a designated statutory period (This category does not include step-daughter and step-children in the family).
  3. families in which there is already one (or several) of children born before the entry of the existing law on assistance in force, and another child (third, fourth - it does not matter) was born in a certainperiod.
  4. Father baby , when his wife died after giving birth to her second child.
  5. man who alone has adopted a second child , if he had not taken advantage of the state financial support, and the court's decision on the adoption of his adopted child (ren) entered into force for the specified period of law.
  6. himself a child - if both parents had previously been stripped of their parental rights (money of the amount constituting the "mother's capital" after deprivation of parental rights of both parents can get all minor children in the family, in an absolutely equal shares).
  7. child, the second in a family , (two or more children), has the full right to receive all cash, certain "maternity capital» in case of loss (death) of both parents - and dads and moms .
  8. in case of loss (death) of both parents, or in the case of deprivation of mothers and fathers of their parental rights, have the right to receive assistance adult children , if they enrolled in school full-time department, and they have not yet fulfilled'23 .

unconditional right to receive money "maternity capital" - the parents applying for this benefit, as well as the birth or adoption of children, should be sure to Russian citizenship .3

who can not obtain a certificate and use the money the parent (family) capital?

  1. Persons who applied for payment of his "mother's capital» errors , or knowingly false information .
  2. Parents who previously deprived of their parental rights on their previous children.
  3. Parents who already receiving cash benefits "mother's capital» earlier.
  4. child's parents, who not have citizenship of the Russian Federation .

When can I get the certificate?When you can fully take advantage of the funds, which are defined parent (family) capital?

applicants for a certificate can be accessed immediately, as will be issued the certificate of birth of the baby, which was born at a certain time.If the family of the second child is adopted, then the receipt of the certificate must be treated as full after the entry into force of the court.

However, spending money that define this aid can be no earlier than the date when the second child (child, who receives a certificate) will complete three years .The existing law of 2011 introduced some amendments, according to which the family can now take advantage of cash-defined "capital", while not wait for the baby to achieve the age of three , if these funds will be directed to housing,housing, repayment of housing loans, mortgage .

circulation period for this certificate is not limited timeframe.But spend the funds the parents can only after the expiry of three years from the date of birth of the second child.If necessary, the planned repayment of the loan for the construction, purchase of housing from 2011 declaration parents can already submit, without waiting for the achievement of their second baby three years of age.

amount equal to the parent (family) capital

With 2007 year determines the amount of money for the Certificate in payments was initially 250 thousand rubles .But in subsequent years, this amount increased, taking into account the current inflation:

  • In 2008, the amount of money the "mother (family) capital" was already 276 250.0 rubles ;
  • In year 2009 amounted to - 312 162.5 rubles ;
  • In year 2010 amounted to - 343 378.8 rubles ;
  • In year 2011 amounted to - 365 698.4 rubles ;
  • In year 2012 amounted to - 387 640.3 rubles ;
  • In 2013, the amount of money that defines "maternal (family) capital" is now 408 960.5 rubles .

According to analysts, 2014 amount of money determined by the "parent (family) capital" to increase by 14% of the existing value in 2013, accounting for 440 000.0 rubles .

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  • existing laws in 2009, has been changed.The document was introduced a new amendment, which now gives the right to individuals to obtain certificates, receive a certain amount cash . Since 2009, it amounted to 12 thousand rubles (subtracting from the total amount).It is quite possible in the near future, this amount will be increased.
  • For parents (or other persons defined by the Act), which took advantage of this right, and used part of the "parent (family) capital", issued to them in cash, remainder of "maternity capital" will be increased (indexed) to itsuse, taking into account the current inflation .
  • Funds that are real "parent (family) capital», exempt from existing taxes on all personal income .
  • According to the new amendments to the Law, from December 2011 cash components of the "mother's capital" may be sent to pay a visit to a child state, municipal pre-school or school.
  • sum of money filling the existing "parent (family) capital" will continue to be indexed with inflation - this is done to ensure that it is not "burned" are not depreciated over time.The amount of money that determines the "mother's capital" will change only upward , but with the ever - downward.
  • Under existing law, the parents or the person (defined by the Law), who have a right to receive this Certificate and their specific allowance, called "maternity capital" can independently choose where to be spent these funds.Law prohibited cashing complete «maternity capital" as its sale, donation any transaction transferring rights to receive cash flows of data to others.See also: What can you spend the maternity capital - whether it is possible to sell or cash?