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27 March 2016

Italian brand Pelletterie Di Gregorio - one of the few brands that specialize handbags.Leather haberdashery products Di Gregorio - a high quality, resistance to the effects of time, the originality and the absolute ease of use.

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  • For some bags made from Di Gregorio?
  • distinguishing features of brand handbags Di Gregorio
  • Fashion collection bags
  • Pricing Policy Recommendations brand
  • care bags
  • reviews and recommendations potrebitelnits

Bags by Di Gregorio: design and individuality

Di Gregorio designers placed emphasis on handbags allow a lot to learn about the nature of women. Thanks very reasonable cost , Di Gregorio products available to women of almost any class, unlike other fashion brands. elegant, strong, original bag emphasize the selected style woman without unnecessary frills, rhinestones and brightness.Bags Di Gregorio - is, first of all, elegance, functionality and order.

  • Neat tiny shoulder bag with long handles - to go out ;
  • elongated, rectangular model with a stylish glossy finish or perforated leather - for everyday ;
  • Square and rectangular patterns, elegant, two-color combination in the most actual colors of the season and the classic "beige┬╗ - for women who value comfort and style ;
  • Classic, deep roomy model with comfortable handles and minimalist design - for those who have daily "baggage┬╗ - it's more than just a cosmetic and apartment keys

in understanding the company Di Gregorio, each taskproduction line, the collection - it is exclusivity and individuality.

What are the bags of Di Gregorio?

The characteristics of bags Di Gregorio:

  • Quiet design and concise;
  • Exquisiteness locks, handles, small ornaments and inserts;
  • use only natural materials of the highest quality;
  • Durability handles on the bags;
  • Capacity and convenience bags;
  • inimitable style.

Brand Di Gregorio rapidly gaining popularity in Russia. and following up with the times ladies and men will find in the production of Italian leather goods company model to emphasize their status and style.

materials for bags Di Gregorio:

Di Gregorio is used in the production of only natural materials .Each collection company - is ...

  • Leather and suede;
  • Leather snakes and reptiles;
  • original prints;
  • different textures of leather;
  • harmonious combination of design, color and texture.

Features Collections Di Gregorio:

  • Bags Di Gregorio - Leather goods is products 'output' and for everyday use , attention to detail and handles, spaciousness and originality.
  • Pleasant softness and the feeling in the hands leather - aged leather Atene.
  • Wear resistance, water resistance , the possibility of daily use - stylish shiny leather Nilo.
  • Comfort, softness, water resistance and ease - classic matte leather Vitello.
  • Texture with imitation leather rare species - relief, stylish and attractive skin Coccodrillo.
  • Models reptile skin, snakes, as well as bags with imitation leather python or ostrich.

Fashion Collection Di Gregorio

Cage - tartan.Fashion trend Winter 2013:

Bags in a cage - a modern accessory single "checkered" style.This stylish leather bag is a great addition to scarves, jewelry and shoes in a cage.

features and details of the collection:

  • neutral colors of bags and clutches;
  • Stylishness image and the main bar;
  • Can be combined with different shades of clothing (cold, heat);
  • versatility of use - "exit" for each day.

Clutches Di Gregorio:

  • Classic leather clutches.Miniature leather handbag with long shoulder straps included.Two compartments, secret pocket, nickel hardware and logo.

  • clutches with original prints.Leather, long handle in complete, basic pen - welt, lacquered leather.The main compartment, secret pocket, extra pocket on the back side, insert of patent leather on the front side.
  • stylish suede clutch bags with long handles attached.

shoulder bag:


  • Texturing, wealth, color, embossing;
  • rounded, nice curves, femininity;
  • classic style.

New Collection:


  • original performance - from a bag of kittens to print to strict shoppers from embossed leather;
  • Warm luxurious range;
  • Stiffness, trapezoidal bag, short handles;
  • rectangular and elongated shape models, glossy finish or perforated leather.

price range for the products of Di Gregorio

  • Price purses Di Gregorio - from 1070 to 2000 rubles;
  • cost of bags - from 3800 to 9800 rubles;
  • Leather bracelets - from 1000 to 2000 rubles.

Recommendations for care bags

  1. Exposing leather bags washing , of course, impossible .The skin is black or dark brown shades wipe with a damp cloth , for the same light skin is preferred to use dry cleaning services.
  2. to clean suede and leather strictly forbidden to use coins and similar items.
  3. When using any cleaning agent, should first try it on an invisible part of the skin products.
  4. For patent leather should use special liquid and a soft cloth.
  5. loss of luster and light scuff stained aerosol nitro , thin layer.

reviews and recommendations about women's accessories by Di Gregorio


This Di Gregorio, the type of leather, I cracked in the cold minus eight degrees.It's a shame it was money well spent on a bag.While it may have been a fake, do not know ... There can not be such a brand is to produce quality ... :( more through online stores do not buy anything.


I saw the bag Di Gregorio online, lighted, well liked thing.It costs me somewhere three hundred dollars with the shipment, although the store saw her even more.Rather, as the elephant after a bath.:) Convenient bag, long handle, fit everything you need.Morozov waited with bated breath.But nothing much has withstood the test bag to -25.I do not know how this crocodile skin, but that the natural - that's for sure.Kick-ass thing, I feel rich lady.:)


couple of times run into a fake, so took Di Gregorio with caution.But this chic bag - could not resist the temptation.I do not regret.Excellent keeps its shape, the skin does not crack, stylish, cool, all jealous.:)


I wanted my daughter to make a gift for graduation.It is my passion as love handbags.I stumbled upon a charming bag Di Gregorio, broke, though significantly hit on the wallet.But for kids that just will not do.:) Handbag - charm.Color classic, black, long handles, pockets sorts.But the main thing - look.Solid, dear, one can see that the incubator is not a thing of the market, but really expensive bag.My daughter was thrilled.:)


bought a bag, because she was in a foul mood.:) wanted to please yourself.Shopping - the best anti-depressant, for me anyway.Chose a long time, it took Di Gregorio of style and elegance.Excellent came to my boots - leather lacquer, dressing the original, vstavochki - super.:) I am happy.Mood - shine.Pockets of any lot, I love the little things different spread on them.By the way, the skin is durable.Winters are not afraid.I Recommend.The main thing is not to run a fake - buy in retail stores.


best way to take care of these bags - wipe the zest of orange.Or glycerol.Will shine.I :) to Di Gregorio has so used, all except firmovyh things did not take.Better to sit on a diet for a week than to take a cheap thing.


Free advice for cleaning suede handbags.Tested on itself.:) mean, on his bag.:) But only for brown suede, do not mix.Wet the brush in the midst of a coffee, how to clean the bag, and then, after drying, dry brush walk.My Di Gregorio, as good as new.:) A purse made of leather can be cleaned with a special solution: ammonia, soap and water.

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