Bags and purses Ginger Queen: Classic and originality in one package!

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27 March 2016

Ginger Queen - a German company specializing in the production of stylish and fashionable handbags and leather wallets.The main office is located in Germany and the entire production to date is located in China.Brand Ginger Queen is present in the world market of accessories for a long time.

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To fit the bag of the brand?

new brand leather goods Ginger Queen - is range of stylish, colorful modern women !Tiny elegant handbags are created to store them, the relevant details for each woman who really help her feel comfortable and confident everywhere and always.Purses of this brand very practical .A woman who chooses bags and purses Ginger Queen - confident, young, stylish, energetic , is not alien to some excitement and recklessness!

collection of bags and purses Ginger Queen

Ginger Queen - is a brand, which is a lovely collection of stylish and fashion accessories from the traditional natural leather , and snake skin, crocodile and even eel. main direction - the release of only those items that are considered fashionable for modern times.

Accessories eel skin:

accessories of leather very thin and light , thanks to a weightless texture of this material.On its surface there matte elegant shine , some flowers, he reinforced with a special glossy finish. All accessories eel skin are handmade .Each strip of skin with natural wrinkles, scratches, spots, has its own individual structure.

accessories crocodile:

Crocodile skin - expensive , but very modern material .Bags made of crocodile leather is not just unusual, they guarantee huge lifetime .Crocodile leather accessories gives the flexibility and softness - the most important properties will never be confused bag made of genuine leather with a fake.

Accessories snakeskin:

Because it is made not only handbags, but also wallets, purses. unique pattern snakeskin gives the product, made out of it, the beauty and originality.Such a purse or bag necessarily attract attention , and, consequently, on his mistress.It is not surprising that such products like those who do not intend to get lost in the crowd .Luxury, impeccable style and eccentricity - that symbolizes the product of snakeskin.

Price range: Bags are from 5500 rubles to 10,000 rubles .Cost of wallets 1100 rubles to 1500 rubles.

reviews about the brand women accessories Ginger Queen


Bags are just wonderful!Bought in the shop redhead, I want to fall back to order, only this time the black.The quality of the skin is not just words to express it perfect!On the sites of manufacturers cost much more expensive, so I advise you to buy in the shop!


I immediately liked the incredibly soft skin.At first I was even afraid that it will not last long.Today we calmed down and got used.The skin soft, but durable.Purse sewn very carefully.


I have considered to be the happy owner of the bag, and the bag of the brand.They at me briefly.The bag is very beautiful.Just like in the picture.Lightning can zastegat side, then bag seems quite different, the shape is formed a rounded, looks good, too.The choice of colors was great, I bought the green.Leather is excellent, thick enough.Accessories good quality, good lining.In the middle there is a zipped pocket on one side zip pocket, another deep pocket for your phone.Now this is my favorite bag.

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