Interesting ideas for curtains in the nursery

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27 March 2016

Children's room - an unusual world that is filled with the most important moments of your child.After all, children - is the most functional room in any home.Where baby sleeps, he plays, and has been welcoming guests.Therefore, it is important to create in the room kind of atmosphere in which the child will feel cozy and comfortable.And since one of the main decorations of the room are the curtains, it is about them today and we'll talk.

10 ideas for curtains in the nursery:

  1. These blinds are made of two types of fabric: light tulle and cotton denser material.Bright colors and fun cartoon characters characters will be giving your child a happy mood every day.
  2. this room sailor . lightweight multilayer curtain of transparent tulle pastel shades make the child more comfortable and cozy.
  3. Perfect for nursery will curtains with pockets , where you can place your child's favorite toys.
  4. Flower theme fully disclosed in the original curtains made of curtain fabrics.On the pelmet and c
    urtains was applied application in the form of flowers and butterflies.
  5. beautiful curtains, which are well suited for the room girls and boys. Blind made of two layers of tulle : pastel and blue tint. Cornice hidden original gold lambrequins.
  6. Room a little princess. Curtains made of delicate pale pink tulle curtain fabrics and darker shade.The tone of it is picked up pelmet original form.
  7. original and unobtrusive curtain , made from natural flax .The fact that this is a children's room, say a few toys on the windowsill.Many parents believe that a lot of bright colors in the room for the newborn to anything.
  8. Nursery African style .On the sand-colored curtains, made the original application in the form of a giraffe.Perfect for the creative development of the child.
  9. beautifully decorated for the boy's room. Love for the sport the child will be vaccinated since childhood. curtains and pelmet made of natural cotton fabric.Above application made in the form of balls of different sports.
  10. bright original Curtains girls .Easy transparent tulle with applique of colorful flowers will raise the mood in any weather reminded of the warm, summer, sunny days.

Dear Mom do not be afraid to dream at the time of registration nursery for their baby.So you can create for him an incredible fairy-tale atmosphere and give a feeling of coziness and comfort.

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