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27 March 2016

Brand Arcadia is leader market for the production and design accessories made of genuine leather .The brand was founded in 1975 year.Brand owners are constantly engaged search new technology and design solutions , that will bring the company into the international market and gained immense popularity.Accessories Arcadia - a beautiful, functional products of high quality that emphasizes individuality and impeccable taste of its owner.

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Identity brand Arcadia

Arcadia is one of the most democratic Italian brands .Unlike other manufacturers who offer products restrained classical style, this brand offers models for women who love to experiment , mixed textures, colors and shapes.This company offers its customers a unique style - dynamic, expressive and a bit ambitious for those who appreciate the ergonomics, pract

icality and freedom.

Bags this brand is quite versatile , they fit perfectly into any dress code and style.They are perfectly combined both with business clothes and a freer style smart casual.

Identity Arcadia is difficult to confuse with other manufacturers.It expressive colors and shapes, clear lines of geometry .The design is very sleek, it no massive parts .However, this style can not be called minimalist.These accessories have a special charm, which is manifested in a combination of purity of form and color, with a touch of adventurism, mischief and disorderly conduct.They are very beautiful and comfortable.The bag Arcadia there is a place for women of all necessary details, and while it has a very elegant look.

Products brand Arcadia

Among the range of Arcadia products can be found as women, so and men. Everyone can choose the ideal model.Here you will find bags of different sizes (bags, cosmetic bags, mini bags, clutches and Tote and Hobo).In addition, all models together a great variety of textures and colors.

The collections can be found Arcadia models with original prints, decorated with unusual trinkets and pendants .Most often, they reflect the company's philosophy, abstract or geometric patterns, ethnic motifs.

Particularly noteworthy bags , made of genuine leather imitating reptile .This invoice is always very respectable and elegant look, and in recent seasons they are a real hit.However, articles of leather reptiles are very expensive.Designers, Arcadia offered their shoppers spectacular decision to purchase such a fashion trend at very affordable prices .This option is ideal for young business woman, impeccable style that is the key to success.

Bags Arcadia very functional and practical .The designers managed to solve the most important problem in a very good spaciousness , all models are quite compact and elegant lines.These accessory content and form are in complete harmony.Also important advantage of these accessories is the material from which they are made.It does not matter, it's leather, textile or fur insertion ... They are very pleasant to the touch, they have no artificiality and disadvantages , are natural materials that are in the hands of the masters are revealed in full glory.

Approximate cost accessories Arcadia

All products of the brand Arcadia made of natural materials of the highest quality, which significantly affects its price.Bags of this brand in the Russian market are from 3000 to 18,000 rubles.

Reviews from women about accessories Arcadia


bought a lacquer bag of this brand.Very good quality, stylish, attracts attention.One minus is better not to wet loses its attractive appearance.Instead of what would be washed, it is better to wipe with a damp cloth.


I work in a fashion magazine, so well-versed in the trends.Arcadia bag use for several years.It is a quality comfortable, spacious and very beautiful.The most important thing is perfect for any outfit and style to business, and sports.


Hello.I want to share experiences on the brand Arcadia.These bags are not just good, they're great.I'm ecstatic: comfortable, beautiful and unique!Luxury quality.If you buy, you will not regret.Price a bit high, but worth it.


I take a bag of this brand for two years.When I am buying, hoping that is not fake, because the price is quite high.But in practice, convinced bag is worth the money.It still looks like new.I use it in all weather conditions: rain, heat, cold.No damage: patent leather inserts are not cracked, the skin is rubbed, the corners of all integers, locks work fine.I would recommend bags Arcadia.

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