What should be the marriage bed?

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27 March 2016

main attribute of bedrooms husband and wife, of course, is the bed.After the marriage bed - a kind of island of tranquility and security, where all of life's problems disappear, and two loving hearts can sleep quietly, hugging each other.Therefore, the choice of the double bed must be approached with utmost responsibility, because it should be as comfortable and perfectly in harmony with the interior of the room.

content of the article:

  • What types of double beds?
  • reviews and advice from married couples how to choose a bed

Types double beds

for family bedrooms often choose exactly double beds.This piece of furniture should be comfortable and convenient, because on it you will relax after a hard day's work.What are the model of double beds offers us a modern market?

  1. Wooden double beds thanks to a unique, decorative work with this eco-friendly materials are extraordinary originality.Lawmakers fashion world - Italians - give their preference only beds made of natural wood (alder, oak,
    cherry, cherry, walnut).This season, a huge popular models of Indonesian teak trees and marabou.Choosing a wooden bed, you can choose a shade of products that perfectly fit into the interior of your room, because the wood can be dark, light or medium shade in between.Moreover, such a bed is often painted, so you will not be difficult to find a white, black or pink model.
  2. Metal double bed embody all the latest fashion trends.In comparison with wood, metal frame is more streamlined and has not such massive appearance.Therefore, this bed is quite easy to enter into the interior of a small room.
  3. Leather double bed - an unusual original decision.If your financial capabilities allow you to buy such a bed, then do not hesitate to buy it.Most of these models have a rectangular shape and the outside wheel are upholstered.Some models are equipped with additional devices, for example, built a TV that you press the button pushed at the base.
  4. Double couches and sofas also belong to the species of a double bed.His view is quite unprepossessing they lose the previous species, but for its practicality and functionality greatly benefit.These models often have built-in storage: Boxes and niches.

reviews and recommendations from people who have purchased a double bed


We have a small apartment for a traditional double bed is simply no room.My husband and I opted for the sofa bed.Very convenient and comfortable.We still have never regretted my choice.


If you do marital bed choice, then decide what is more important: the functionality and the additional space and a comfortable sleep.After all, a comfortable orthopedic mattress bed to sleep garazdo comfortable and in the morning you yourself will feel rested.


We recently bought a wooden double bed.The ecstatic.Additionally ordered her linen drawers for greater functionality.The only advice is better to choose a bed with mattress, as to pick the perfect size mattress is very difficult.


tips for those who decided to buy a double bed.Really appreciate the space of his room.For furniture store often it has a large room, and the bed it looks quite organically, and in a small bedroom, it can be very cumbersome and you have absolutely no space.

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