12 countries to travel to the expiration of the passport - will have time to fly!

By Admin | Tourism
24 March 2016

Travel - this is certainly cool and interesting, and most importantly - useful both for physical, and for the emotional state.

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But - what if the passport validity is about to end? Which country receives shortly before the expiry of the passport? The special material for readers colady.ru

Where to go if the passport validity ends

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  1. Montenegro
    Budva, Bar, Petrovac, and a number of small towns in their area of ​​the state is happy to guests from all over the world.Montenegrins have something to surprise visitors.Wilderness unprecedented beauty, Adriatic Sea, beaches, mountains, cycling and attract more and more tourists.
    Where to go if the passport validity ends
    Besides, visa this fascinating landscape of their country and national composition, with 1% of the population - Russian citizens, for up to 30 days do not need.Visit Montenegro in the city of Budva, which is divided into old and new part
    .Try wine "Vranek" and swim in the purest Adriatic. Validity of passport to travel to Montenegro should expire at least two weeks after the end of the trip.
  2. Turkey
    like "kitsch" is not sounded the name of this country, it is worthy of respect, it is with her in many of our citizens started traveling abroad.Marmaris, Antalya, Ankara, Istanbul - the city that require special attention.The history of the Turkish state is still the existence of the Ottoman Empire, which is a major power in the Middle Ages.The former is the name of the city of Constantinople Istanbul.
    Where to go if the passport validity ends
    There are a lot of historic buildings.It is worth visiting the ancient city - Midiyat and Mardin, try the local food and lie on the beach resort towns.
    to stay in Turkey is sufficient if before the end of the passport you have 3 months from the beginning of the trip.
  3. Thailand
    in December, January, February and March is filled with Russian tourists Thai resorts - Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, KoChange.Winter in Thailand, this is how they say in Russia.A rare case if you do not meet compatriots in this time of year in Thailand.People come here in the first place for a beach holiday, and only then for sightseeing, shopping for clothes and unusual Thai food.
    Where to go if the passport validity ends
    worth to visit such fantastic rare places like Park Mini Siam, Phi Phi Island, Crocodile Farm, Big Buddha Hill.For Russians - visa-free for up to 30 days, before the end of the passport must be a period of not less than 6 months from the date of the trip.
  4. Egypt
    sand dunes, majestic pyramids, endless beaches that allow enjoy themselves all year round, are increasingly making their debut Egypt country for many tourists on their list of travel.Cairo for those wishing to visit the pyramids, medieval mosques and museums.
    Where to go if the passport validity ends
    Hoegaarden and Sharm el-Sheikh for beach lovers, and Alexander - for those wishing to see the ancient ruins.Permit stamped in their passport upon arrival. validity of passports when traveling to Egypt must not be less than 2 months from the moment of its inception.
  5. Brazil
    Who would not say, but this country - one of the most remarkable in the whole South American continent.There began his career the most famous football players - Ronaldo, Pele, Ronaldinho.Copacabana Beach, Iguazu Falls, the city of Sao Paulo, rainforests and mountains captivate its visitors with his head.
    Where to go if the passport validity ends
    validity of passports when traveling to Brazil must be at least 6 months after the end of the trip.
  6. Spain
    poisoned in Madrid or Barcelona, ​​it is necessary to make sure that that you have enough free time.A huge number of attractions collected in Catalonia.
    Where to go if the passport validity ends
    Picasso Museum, the Church of the Holy Family, the stadium "Camp Nou", the park "Port Aventura" and the National Museum of Art will make you believe in miracles.But there is also Seville, Mallorca, Valencia and MadridWe need a Schengen visa.
    validity of passports when traveling to Spain should be at least 4 months at the date of filing.
  7. Greece
    Olympic Games originated in Athens.The country is rich in history, with plenty of museums, ancient buildings.Vacationing here go to the islands of Crete, Corfu, Rhodes.A relaxing beach holiday, a visit to the Acropolis and large portions in the cafe - these are the main features of this ancient country in Europe.
    Where to go if the passport validity ends
    As in the case of Spain, it is necessary to be patient and make the Schengen visa.
    to travel to Greece only if the passport was valid even 3 months after the end of the trip.
  8. Czech
    graceful, bright architecture, unusual museums, friendly locals, and delicious beer makes the Czech Republic a welcome venue for the holiday.The main attractions of the country for a long time are Karlovy Vary, St. Vitus Cathedral and the Wallenstein Palace.See also: Interesting journey into the heart of Europe - the Czech Republic.
    Where to go if the passport validity ends
    Validity of passport to travel to the Czech Republic should not be less than 3 months from the date of the trip.
  9. India
    incredible world that serves as a magnet and helps to heal emotional wounds.Mysterious edge mystical events and monuments, the history of which goes far back into the past.The most grandiose landmark located in Agra, India.Mausoleum of the Taj Mahal.Relax on the beach and have some fun in the nightclub on the island of Goa can be - a fountain of emotions guaranteed!
    Where to go if the passport validity ends
    to travel to India a passport must be valid for 6 months from the end of the trip.
  10. Israel
    Most tourists come to Jerusalem, where are these holy places Dome of the Rock, Wailing Wall, the Temple Mount.Among the active forms of recreation are popular scuba diving.
    Where to go if the passport validity ends
    To travel to Israel passport must be valid for at least 6 months of the date of entry into the country.
  11. Finland
    high level of service, a large number of museums, theaters and art galleries make this country not only sightseeing and informative, but also comfortable for tourists.Finnish sauna, ski resorts and national parks - Nuuksio and Lemmenjoki activities.Do not forget that Lapland in Finland, which means - you can visit the home of Santa Claus.
    Where to go if the passport validity ends
    Validity of passport when traveling to Finland must be at least 3 months from the date of departure from the country.
  12. Cyprus
    Island, which, if desired, you can drive around for a few hours, combines Greek, Byzantine, Ottoman culture.Wander through the ruins of the ancient city of Paphos, see the ruins of the sanctuary of the goddess Aphrodite, museums, monasteries and churches, and the next morning to go to the sandy beach.
    Where to go if the passport validity ends
    Cyprus is multifaceted.One part of the island - to the knowledge of the other - for entertainment.In a place called Ayia Napa so many nightclubs that bypass all night would be the most important task.
    Your passport to travel to Cyprus must be valid for another 6 months at the time of entry.