Fashion wedding rings in 2014 for the stylish newlyweds

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27 March 2016

for Valentine's wedding - it's a special festive event, which should be treated with the utmost seriousness and responsibility.All the girls want this day was perfect, and a very long time to choose dresses, suits, cake and venue for the festival.But few with the same thoroughness choosing wedding rings.

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So, any wedding rings will be pleased with its originality , what - "leave a mark" in the life of newlyweds in 2014?

Fashion wedding rings in 2014

  • Sets and trendy trilogy in 2014
    set of three rings.It consists of two wedding rings and engagement.Perfect solution: the bride can wear both the engagement and wedding ring, without worrying that they do not mix with each other.
    Fashion wedding rings in 2014
    data sets for nearly 10 years at the height of fashion.A distinctive feature of the Rings - the same gems (usually diamonds) and implementation of products from the same metal.Also, often female engagement ring has a recess for engagement with connectivity (to the inte
    grity of the image).
  • rings of colored metals - Followers 2014
    Most often it is - the gold of different colors.
    Fashion wedding rings in 2014
    But no one bothers to combine several different metals, so it is very common to see the rings, combining different shades of gold, platinum and silver.
  • original combinations of metals in engagement rings 2014
    example, tungsten, titanium and other metals, which for a long time do not fade and are not erased.On these rings look very impressive band of diamond grit.
    Fashion wedding rings in 2014
    idea of ​​a combination of different metals modern jewelers beat very impressive.For example - the same design in two rings, but with the use of different materials: the groom may be made of yellow gold and platinum, and the ring bride - rose gold and platinum.
  • 2014 Classic wedding rings are back in fashion
    This year, one of the most popular options (oddly enough) - classic wedding rings "rims", made of different metals.
    Fashion wedding rings in 2014
  • Vintage engagement rings 2014
    huge popularity of antique rings.
    Fashion wedding rings in 2014
    These vintage rings are made by hand, they are artificially aged, devoid of any shine and look as if they were already a few generations.
  • 2014 Wedding rings with precious stones
    rings with precious stones have not gone away, but the size has changed.Large gem shining on the golden ring, completely out of fashion, now in the trend of the ring, entirely covered with small pebbles.
    Fashion wedding rings in 2014
    often see wedding rings, covered with diamonds so thick that not even seen the metal.
  • Wedding rings in 2014 of the rare and expensive metals
    rings made of titanium, black gold, meteorite.These rings do exist and are very popular.
    Fashion wedding rings in 2014
    Fashion wedding rings in 2014
    They are very hard to find, and often they are made to order.
  • Wedding rings in 2014 - of a family of gold
    remelted ring grandparents.
    Fashion wedding rings in 2014
    practical solution - to leave the wedding rings of their relatives, giving them a new form.
  • 2014 Wedding rings on individual design
    Rings, made by hand, are the current trends.There are master classes, where you can personally make a ring out of a piece of metal that you bring with you or buy in the smithy.
    Fashion wedding rings in 2014
    It is now not uncommon, and the couple gladly engaged in the creation of sketches of their own rings.
  • Fashion 2014 wedding rings with an ethnic pattern
    These engagement rings are in vogue and quickly conquered the hearts of young people.More often than not choose the Celtic patterns, signs and letters.
    Fashion wedding rings in 2014
    These patterns symbolize the romantic relationship between a man and a woman, and a compound of lives, so a better pattern for wedding rings is not found.But the choice of ornament (and its value!) Must be approached responsibly.
  • engraving on fashionable wedding rings in 2014
    In fashion returns engraving.Most often, the engraving is created on the wrong side of the engagement ring.
    Fashion wedding rings in 2014
    There can be engraved with the wedding date, names of spouses or phrase, which is close to both the newlyweds.At the peak of popularity right now are "Ring", which are created based on the movie "The Lord of the Rings."These rings are executed, most often made of gold, and look very impressive.
  • Wedding rings in 2014, decorated with "engraved on the contrary»
    At the height of fashion is now "engraved on the contrary."In this case, on the inside of the ring are letters projecting from the metal.
    Fashion wedding rings in 2014
    Fashion wedding rings in 2014
    If you remove the ring on your finger that will trail - printed text.
  • fashionable tattoo in the form of wedding rings
    and rings are the most original tattoo on the ring finger in the form of rings.
    Fashion wedding rings in 2014
    This can be a graceful ornament or the infinity sign.The choice is limited only by your imagination.

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